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Carmen in 'Moondreams'

the episodes

so you wanna check out the episodes huh? I'll give you three choices: look at a pic and summary of every episode, look at a pic and summary of episodes by season, or just go to info on the episode you're interested in.

all episodes

click here to look at all the episodes at once. warning: lots of pics on this page so it will take some time to download.

episodes grouped by season

season 1 [the stolen smile - chapter and verse]
season 2 [skull and double-crossbones - boyhood's end part 2]
season 3 [the tigress - just like old times]
season 4 [the trial of carmen sandiego - can you ever go home again? 2]

individual episode info pages

season 1

"the stolen smile"
"a higher calling"
"dinosaur delirium"
"by a whisker"
"the good old, bad old days"
"rules of the game"
"split up"
"the play's the thing"
"music to my ears"
"a date with carmen part 1"
"a date with carmen part 2"
"chapter and verse"

season 2

"skull and double-crossbones"
"scavenger hunt"
"hot ice"
"all for one"
"when it rains"
"deja vu"
"boyhood's end 1"
"boyhood's end 2"

season 3

"the tigress"
"the remnants"
"curses, foiled again"
"birds of a feather"
"shaman spirits"
"follow my footprints"
"labyrinth part 1"
"labyrinth part 2: woman of the year 2101"
"labyrinth part 3: when in rome"
"just like old times"

season 4

"the trial of carmen sandiego"
"trick or treat"
"retribution 1: unsinkable carmen sandiego"
"retribution 2: in memoriam"
"retribution 3: maelstrom's revenge"
"timing is everything"
"can you ever go home again? part 1"
"can you ever go home again? part 2"

has not aired in the u.s. yet

"cupid sandiego"

until next crime
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