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rules of the game
Written by: Cecilia Fannon

Carmen is on a statue-stealing spree. She steals statues of queens, bishops, soldiers, and kings. Add a large checkered courtyard and actual castle turrets and you get the largest chess set ever. Carmen wants to play a life size chess match with the detectives in Hawaii. Zack and Ivy get some help from Russian detective Tatyanna in this episode.

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the scene of the crime

Russia's Flag St. Petersburg, Russia
Catherine the Great's coronation carriage stolen by Carmen Sandiego but is recovered. A statue of Catherine the Great also stolen.
China's Flag Xi'an, China
16 Clay soldiers stolen from the Mount Li burial site by Carmen Sandiego's henchmen.
Germany's Flag Bavaria, Germany
The turret from the Neuschwanstein Castle is stolen by Carmen Sandiego.
Location Unknown Location Unknown
3 Castle turrets stolen by Carmen Sandiego's henchmen [crimes not shown].
England's Flag London, England
Suits of armor stolen from the Victoria and Albert museum [crime not shown].
Vatican City's Flag Rome, Italy
Bishop statues from the Vatican stolen [crime not shown].
USA's Flag Charleston, South Carolina, USA
The courtyard from the Citadel Military Academy stolen [crime not shown]
USA's Flag Kilauea, Hawaii, USA
The King Kamehameha statue stolen by Carmen Sandiego [crime not shown]. All items recovered.

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until next crime
last tweaked: 1-14-00