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the episodes: season 3
info - a more detailed summary. has the scene of the crime, a list of things/places stolen.

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quotes - a bunch of quotes. what I thought was funny, interesting, and awesome.

season 3
the tigress the tigress
A new thief calling herself "The Tigress" gives Carmen competition.
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the remnants the remnants
Carmen's "Wizard of Oz" themed crime spree leads to a revelation about her past.
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curses, foiled again curses, foiled again
Carmen Sandiego tries to help henchwoman Hannah Lulu conquer her superstitious fears.
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birds of a feather birds of a feather
Carmen Sandiego plans the perfect crime by using a henchman's raven.
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shaman spirits shaman spirits
Carmen seeks help from Native American healers to stop her bad dreams.
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follow my footprints follow my footprints
After Carmen's plane crashes and she is assumed dead, Zack and Ivy try to figure out the clues to her final caper.
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labyrinth part 1 labyrinth part 1
Zack and Ivy run the obstacles Carmen throws their way at VILE's secret training facility.
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labyrinth part 2 labyrinth part 2: woman of the year
Zack and Ivy try to prove to the people of the future that Carmen Sandiego is a thief, and not the hero they think she is.
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labyrinth part 3 labyrinth part 3: when in rome
Carmen's attempt to become the greatest thief in history takes her to the past... Rome 176 A.D.
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just like old times just like old times
Carmen steals the Chief because she wants to spend Christmas with an old friend, but he has come down with a computer virus and his memory is rapidly failing.
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