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when it rains
Written by: Sam Graham and Chris Hubbell

Sara Bellum plans on becoming the queen of crime. On this, her first solo caper, she plans to grow a tropical rainforest in the middle of a desert to steal the "Giant of the Atacama". To make sure things go smoothly, Sara pretends to be Carmen Sandiego. This move baffles the detectives who do not understand Carmen's recent destructive behavior.

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the scene of the crime

USA's Flag McMinville, Oregon, USA
At the McMinville Municipal Airport, the Spruce Goose is stolen by Ira Gation and a counterfeit Carmen (Sara Bellum).
USA's Flag Locations Worldwide
9,500 weather balloons stolen from weather stations around the world [crimes not shown].
France's Flag Odeillo, France
A solar furnace stolen by Carmen Sandiego's henchmen.
Brazil's Flag Brazil
Ira Gation is captured.
Chile's Flag Atacama, Chile
At the Le Paige Museum Zack, Ivy, and Carmen are captured by Sara Bellum. Sara Bellum attempts to steal the largest representation of a human figure, the "Giant of the Atacama". All items recovered and Sara Bellum is captured.

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until next crime
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