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music to my ears
Written by: Doug Molitor

"Oh, man! That's the worst thing I ever heard!" -- Zack

Carmen steals musical instruments and the talent of their owners. Why does she do this? She has found a way of transferring talent from one person to another. Carmen uses some kind of net to help her two talentless henchwomen.

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the scene of the crime

Australia's Flag Sydney, Australia
Carmen Sandiego steals the Sydney Opera House.
Austria's Flag Vienna, Austria
Carmen Sandiego, Clair E. Net, and Cora Net steal Sebastian Keye's Stradivarius violin and his talent at the State Opera House.
Brazil's Flag Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Leora Vincent's voice and 2 of her opera gowns stolen by Carmen. Her pianist Rajiv's talent and metronome also stolen.
Italy's Flag Venice, Italy
All items, including the talent, are recovered.

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until next crime
last tweaked: 1-14-00