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 info-scan labyrinth part 3: when in rome
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labyrinth part 3: when in rome
Written by: Doug Molitor

Part 3 of 3. Carmen Sandiego flees the future with the electromagnet while Zack and Ivy are arrested. The detectives escape the future and follow Carmen's ion trail. Next stop: 218 B.C. where they meet Hannibal and watch while Carmen steals his elephants. The detectives chase Carmen to 176 A.D. Rome. Their search for Carmen is put on hold when Zack and Ivy become part of the entertainment at the Roman Colosseum... they are to fight to the death. What's Carmen gonna steal? The entire Colosseum. Using the bust she stole in Part 1 she made a latex mask of Marcus Aurelius.

Wow. Carmen's disguise was ingenious. I loved the scene where Zack and Ivy confront Carmen as she tries to escape. Carmen flips like an acrobat and hurls a pitchfork towards the detectives... yikes! Ivy had tons of great lines and she gets to fight a lot of people in this episode. Can you say Ivy, Warrior Princess?

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Clips as the future Chief crosses paths with the present Chief
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Dinosaur ["Dino"], The Chief seeing Carmen at Acme ["Hot Ice"], The Chief surfs the time zones in his lesson from ["By a Whisker"]

A tunic and a stola
thumbnail--click me! Zack and Ivy steal disguises from a merchant in 176 A.D. Rome

thumbnail--click me! A boy Zack and Ivy meet in 176 A.D. Rome. He had a yo-yo.

End lesson on Hannibal
thumbnail--click me! "Don't laugh this elephant's paid for."

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the scene of the crime

Ivory Coast's flag Abidjan, Ivory Coast, Africa
2101 A.D. Acme detectives Zack and Ivy escape police custody.
Location Unknown The Alps
218 B.C. Hannibal's elephants [all 37?] stolen by Carmen Sandiego.
Italy's flag Rome, Italy
176 A.D. Acme detectives Zack and Ivy steal a tunic and a stola from a merchant.
Italy's flag Rome, Italy
176 A.D. Carmen Sandiego impersonates Marcus Aurelius and attempts to steal the Colosseum. All items are recovered.
USA's flag Kentucky, USA
The present, no sign of Carmen Sandiego or henchmen at the secret VILE training facility.

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until next crime
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