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trick or treat
Written by: Perry Adleman & Melanie Williams

"Yep, Carmen is definitely on a Halloween jag"--Zack, "Trick or Treat"

The episode opens with a failed robbery attempt at a firework factory. Zack and Ivy get there before Carmen and attempt the "greatest arrest of all time". They make one huge mistake by bringing a tv crew along to film the arrest. The broadcast goes live and tips Carmen's henchmen off. Carmen is humiliated but manages to escape, leaving two very red-faced detectives behind to face the camera. Carmen does not like being set up so she plots her own trick. Halloween is approaching so Carmen decides to throw her own own Halloween party, stealing items to make the perfect haunted house. Ivy and scardy-cat Zack decide to go undercover and crash it.

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Zack and Ivy at home
thumbnail--click me! This time it is decorated for Halloween. You can see them at home in: "The Good Old, Bad Old Days", "Split Up", and "Can You Ever Go Home Again? Part 1".

Acme Halloween Party
thumbnail--click me! Acme has a annual Halloween party. It is shown as the end credits roll.

Zack's aversion to haunted houses
He hates them. Ivy dressed up as a headless dentist when he was 6 and scared him.

Lombard St.
thumbnail--click me! Zack and Ivy chase Carmen down the crookedest street in the world.

Lars, Mo, Jack O'Lanturn, Candy Korn, Sara Bellum in this one.

Super Chicken
thumbnail--click me! Zack's Halloween costume.

Zack nabs Ivy
thumbnail--click me! Zack has caught his sister before. See also: "Split Up"

The Sting Operation
thumbnail--click me! Zack and Ivy have tried to set-up Carmen before. See also: "The Tigress"

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the scene of the crime

China's Flag Beijing, China
Carmen Sandiego with henchmen Lars and Mo, break into a fireworks factory. Acme detectives Zack and Ivy, and a television crew arrive before Carmen and set up a trap, which she escapes from.
USA's Flag San Francisco, California, USA
Carmen Sandiego seen delivering a clue to Zack and Ivy at their house. The detectives then chase Carmen through the streets of San Francisco.
USA's Flag Hollywood, California, USA
Carmen Sandiego breaks into the Magic Castle. She steals a efx truck full of movie props.
Scotland's Flag Scotland
Henchman Jack O'Lanturn stole a truck filled with turnips.
Denmark's Flag Silkeborg, Denmark
The Tollund Man stolen by Carmen Sandiego from the Silkeborg Museum.
USA's Flag Ashland, Oregon, USA
VILE members seen at Carmen Sandiego's Halloween party. Items recovered.

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