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 info-scan hot ice
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hot ice
Written by: Michael Medlock

Carmen Sandiego returns to Acme. No, Carmen hasn't changed her thieving ways. She steals a bubble memory module from Acme, breaks out henchwoman Dee Tritis, and steals Kentucky coal. Power up your hard drives, the race is on. The prize? Why, CrimeNet itself.

A so-so episode for me. No historical items stolen. No impossible, only-Carmen-could-have-done-it crimes committed. The best thing about it...Carmen returns to Acme. She's back, and she's still bad. Carmen's conquest of Acme's precious computer system is wonderful.

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10 years, 3 months, 7 days
hot_5.jpg hot_4.jpg hot_8.jpg
For trivia buffs, this is how long Carmen has been away from Acme. Hmmm... she has been a thieving menace for over ten years...

Dee Tritis
hot_19.jpg VILE henchwoman who helps Carmen create the diamond and take over CrimeNet.

Mt Agung
hot_25.jpg hot_28.jpg hot_38.jpg
Bali, Indonesia, Carmen and Dee Tritis put the Kentucky coal into Mt Agung and create a large diamond. Volcano World has information and a couple of pictures of Mt Agung. Gunung Agung has a little journal of the hike up the mountain.

hot_35.jpg hot_36.jpg ACME detective from Bali who bursts onto the scene and saves the detectives. He gives them some advice: "Sometimes the packaging is just as important as the information."

ACME's Computer system
hot_14.jpg hot_40.jpg hot_44.jpg hot_46.jpg
The computer system, "the most complex system in the world", it uses bubble memory modules and processes information along laser beams.

Carmen controlled C-5
hot_43.jpg The Carmen controlled C-5 corridor was creepy. No pictures were lighted, and Carmen's laugh could be heard echoing about.

Carmen the Clown
Carmen dresses up as a clown to hide from Zack and Ivy.

Did Carmen do it on purpose?
A very good question. At the end of the caper, Carmen tells the player that she did it "all on purpose, to make the game more challenging".

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the scene of the crime

USA's Flag San Francisco, California, USA
Carmen Sandiego breaks into the Acme Detective Agency, steals a bubble memory module and info-scans circuses.
Location Unknown Location Unknown
Dee Tritis, breaks out of a high security prison with the help of Carmen's henchmen and steals a Sikorsky Sky helicopter.
USA's Flag Kentucky, USA
Carmen Sandiego and henchmen steal coal from a mine.
Indonesia's Flag Bali, Indonesia
Carmen Sandiego dips stolen coal into lava at Mt. Agung, creating a diamond.
USA's Flag San Francisco, California, USA
Carmen Sandiego and Dee Tritis attempt to take control of Acme's computer systems.

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until next crime
last tweaked: 1-14-00