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 info-scan boyhood's end part 1
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boyhood's end part 1
Written by: Sean Roche, Melanie Williams & Perry Adelman

Part 1 of 2. The Pentagon has major computer problems and asks Zack for help. Ivy gets a new temporary partner: Lee Jordan. Lee Jordan is one of Acme's best detectives, but he has a major chip on his shoulder. As the only detective to ever catch Carmen Sandiego he butts heads with Ivy and tries to sabotage her efforts to catch Carmen.

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I am still working on this...

A Picasso exhibit
Tons of Pablo's painting are shown as the Chief gives them a Picasso lesson. Tons more I'm sure, but I couldn't make some out.

boy1_23.jpg boy1_24.jpg boy1_25.jpg

'The First Communion' The First Communion; 1895-6; Museo Picasso, Barcelona.

'The Infanta Magarita María' The Infanta Magarita María, from The Maids of Honor (Las Meninas) after Velázquez; 1957; Museo Picasso, Barcelona.

'Woman Running on the Beach' Woman Running on the Beach; 1922; Musée Picasso, Paris.
They censored this painting in the cartoon. I don't know why they put this Picasso painting in the Chief's lesson...

'The Two Saltimbanques' The Two Saltimbanques (Harlequin and His Companion); 1901; Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow.

'Portrait of Gertrude Stein' Portrait of Gertrude Stein; 1905-6; Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

'Girl before a Mirror' Girl before a Mirror; 1932; Museum of Modern Art, New York.

Chief's C-5 Spain to Greece joke
The Chief has a voice-over as they C-5 to Greece. My version didn't have him say anything...but the Closed Captioning did. "Good bye Spain, hello Greece. A beautiful country with over 2,000 islands...that's a lot of dressing."

Clip show
As Lee tries to track Carmen, he asks for more info and views clips from previous episodes. I haven't seen all of the episodes so this is a little incomplete...


Carmen flashes her Acme badge. [from where?]
Carmen escapes from the Orient Express. [DAYS]
Carmen steals the van Gogh painting's eyes. [SMILE]
Carmen escapes from the van Gogh museum. [SMILE]
Carmen in her red car. [DINO]
The Chief talks about King Tut's sarcophagus. [BOY1]
King Tut's tomb lesson. [BOY1]
Carmen riding away on a horse. [DAYS]
Fly-by of the Taj Mahal. [DINO]
Carmen with the stolen costumes flees on horseback. [DAYS]
Stealing the dome of the Taj Mahal. [DINO]

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the scene of the crime

Egypt's Flag Gaza, Egypt
Carmen Sandiego steals King Tut's sarcophagus.
USA's Flag Washington, D.C., USA
The Pentagon computer system hacked into by Lee Jordan.
Italy's Flag Palermo, Sicily, Italy
Carmen abandoned her hovercraft and hat at the Cathedral.
Spain's Flag Barcelona, Spain
Painting from Museo Picasso stolen by Carmen Sandiego.
Greece's Flag Delphi, Greece
At the Delphic Oracle Sanctuary, Carmen Sandiego is captured by Lee Jordan.

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until next crime
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