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 info-scan retribution 2: in memoriam
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retribution 2: in memoriam
Written by: Douglas Booth

Part 2 of 3. Zack and Ivy escape Maelstrom's death trap in Belize. Meanwhile, Carmen has heard about Maelstrom's "death", breaks into the prison, and steals his cap. Carmen plans to honor her great adversary by burying his memory. She plans to put a replica Viking longboat into a Norwegian whirlpool. Maelstrom arrives and almost kills Carmen and the detectives. Carmen decides that she must do almost anything to stop Maelstrom, even if she has to work for Acme again. They track Maelstrom to Virginia where Maelstrom captures them. He puts Carmen and the detectives in the stocks to humiliate her. Ivy frees them but the cops arrive. Carmen escapes but Zack and Ivy are under arrest for helping Carmen escape... to be continued!

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"Carmen Sandiego breaking into jail is definitely news."
ret2_5.jpg ret2_6.jpg ret2_7.jpg ret2_9.jpg ret2_10.jpg
Carmen Sandiego breaks into prison. Carmen in a black coat, orange sweater, and glasses pretends to be a reporter. She visits Maelstrom's cell and steals his cap.

Translata-scan: Maelstrom
ret2_31.jpg ret2_32.jpg "Maelstrom" is Dutch for whirlpool.

Acme HQ: Bodo, Norway
ret2_44.jpg Zack and Ivy follow Carmen's clues to Norway and stop at Acme's Bodo branch.

ret2_46.jpg The Acme detective in Bodo, Norway who help Zack and Ivy.

Carmen caught
ret2_78.jpgret2_79.jpg In Williamsburg, Virginia Maelstrom captures Zack, Ivy, and Carmen. He puts them in the stocks and pillory to humiliate Carmen.

Marge and Harry
ret2_81.jpg ret2_92.jpg Tourist Marge and Harry take pictures of the recently captured Carmen Sandiego in Williamsburg, Virginia.

"If Carmen Sandiego can turn over a new leaf..."
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As the credits roll the Chief says that if Carmen returns to Acme he "might even consider retiring to a little laptop in the South Pacific while 'Chief' Carmen cleans up crime, 'President' Carmen fixes the economy, and 'Santa' Sandiego slides down a chimney to give us our toys. The possibilities are awesome."

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the scene of the crime

Belize's Flag Belize
Maelstrom captures Acme detectives Zack and Ivy.
USA's Flag Northern California, USA
At Folsom State Prison, Carmen Sandiego steals Maelstrom's prison cap.
USA's Flag Key Largo, Florida, USA
Maelstrom steals the underwater hotel "Jules' Undersea Lodge"
Norway's Flag Bodo, Norway
Carmen's henchmen steal a truckload of lumber [crime not shown]. Henchwoman Dara Riska steals a postcard of a Viking longboat from a local museum [crime not shown]. Carmen Sandiego and Maelstrom are spotted at the Storstaum whirlpool off the Lofoten Islands.
USA's Flag Williamsburg, Virginia, USA
Acme detectives Zack and Ivy are arrested for aiding the escape of Carmen Sandiego.

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until next crime
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