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déjà vu
Written by: Cecilia Fannon and Sean Roche

Carmen Sandiego steals items she once saved. Zack and Ivy ask her ex-partner Suhara for some help on this case. Suhara blamed himself and went into retirement after Carmen turned to a life of crime. Ivy is willing to accept Suhara's help but Zack thinks that the ex-detective is too old.

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the scene of the crime

USA's Flag Anchorage, Alaska, USA
Carmen Sandiego steals ivory spears at the Annual Fur Rendezvous.
Location Unknown Location Unknown
Carmen Sandiego steals the world's largest blue diamond [crime not shown].
Location Unknown Location Unknown
Carmen Sandiego steals anti-crime sticky foam [crime not shown].
USA's Flag Kentucky, USA
Carmen Sandiego steals $10 million in gold from Fort Knox [crime not shown].
USA's Flag San Francisco, California, USA
VILE henchmen are captured near ex-detective Suhara's apartment.
Japan's Flag Tokyo, Japan
Carmen Sandiego steals bunraku puppets from the National Bunraku Theater.
USA's Flag Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
Carmen Sandiego steals an ancient canteen from the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture.

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