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the trial of carmen sandiego
Written by: Bill Matheny & Laren Bright

Zack and Ivy track Carmen to a Aztec temple and watch as she gets kidnapped. Soon they are subpoenaed to appear at the trial of Carmen Sandiego. Ex-judge R. B. Traitor puts Carmen on trial for her past crimes but more importantly, the recent theft of the Magna Carta. Traitor wants the Magna Carta for himself unfortunately Carmen didn't do it. Can Zack and Ivy free an innocent Carmen [innocent of this crime]? Well...the joke's on Zack and Ivy. The whole thing was a set up. Carmen wanted to know where the Magna Carta was really kept, so she got Zack and Ivy to lead her right to it.

Carmen on trial. I thought I'd never see the day...I guess I never will.

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I am still working on this...

Archie Ology
trial_8.jpg VILE henchman who helps Carmen find the temple. He also helps her try to steal the Magna Carta.

trial_25.jpg Acme detective who makes an appearance in this episode. He is also in: "Retribution Part 3", "Can You Ever Go Home Again? 1"

The subpoena
trial_23.jpg You are hereby commanded to appear at
on July 21, 1997 in Rome, Italy.

Henchmen pictures
trial_59.jpg trial_60.jpg trial_61.jpg trial_62.jpg trial_34.jpg
The detectives ask for a little info on R.B. Traitor. The Chief flashes pics of some of Carmen's henchpeople. I don't know who the first two are. Frank M. Poster was in "By a Whisker". Dee Tritis was in "Hot Ice". The last pic is R.B. Traitor.

Lee Galese
trial_67.jpg trial_40.jpg Carmen's lawyer. Loves explaining things in complex legal terms. Judge R. B. Traitor silences him by opening up a trap door under the unsuspecting, irritating lawyer.

Judge R. B. Traitor
trial_34.jpg trial_33.jpg Criminal court judge who hunts crooks down and sentences them to a secret jail, while stealing their loot. One of Carmen's henchmen. Under his robe he is wearing a yellow/grey VILE outfit.

Carmen's other crimes
trial_66.jpg trial_65.jpg trial_64.jpg trial_63.jpg
Traitor shows the detectives how Carmen has spent her "...lifetime of thievery. Stealing objects of every shape and size..." with clips from "The Tigress", Scavenger Hunt, and "Shaman Spirits".

"... the dungeon cell of your choice!"
trial_68.jpg trial_69.jpg trial_70.jpg
Traitor threatens Carmen. He says, "Tell me where you've hidden the Magna Carta before I sentence you to life... in the dungeon cell of your choice!"

Carmen on the Statue of Liberty
trial_32.jpg Sept 4th Carmen was at the Statue of Liberty. The scene is the one was used in the opening. They also use it here to explain how Carmen couldn't have stolen the Magna Carta.

Zack's drivers test
trial_16.jpg Zack practices his driving in this episode, he takes the test as the credits roll.

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the scene of the crime

Mexico's Flag Copper Canyon, Northern Mexico
Carmen Sandiego is kidnapped by unknown faction.
Italy's Flag Rome, Italy
At the Ancient Roman Forum in the Roman catacombs, detectives Zack and Ivy are captured by ex-judge R. B. Traitor. They become involved with the trial of Carmen Sandiego.
USA's Flag New York, New York, USA
At the Statue of Liberty, a piece of Carmen Sandiego's coat on the torch is stolen by VILE henchmen.
England's Flag Salisbury, England, UK
At Salisbury Cathedral, attempted robbery of the Magna Carta by Carmen Sandiego, Archie Ology, and R. B. Traitor. The Magna Carta is recovered and Archie Ology and R. B. Traitor are captured.

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until next crime
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