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 info-scan can you ever go home again? part 2
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can you ever go home again? part 2
Written by: David Ehrman

Part 2 of 2. Begins exactly after Part 1 ends. Lee Jordan presents Carmen with a list of items he wants her to steal for him. If she refuses Lee will hurt Malcolm Avalon, the man Carmen thinks is her father. What does Carmen do? She goes on a crime spree the world has never seen before. She steals everything on Lee's list then heads to China to confront him. Zack and Ivy are there, thanks to a Carmen clue, and they brought a little backup. Acme Detectives Armando, Jasmine, Tatyana, and Li have cameos in this episode. The struggle ends up on a rooftop. Malcolm Avalon, still tied up and blindfolded, falls off the roof. Ivy captures Lee Jordan. Carmen rushes to Avalon's side. Carmen, voice quivering, tell him she is sorry. He looks at her and asks her who she is. The fall wiped out selected parts of his memory. He doesn't remember anything that happened on this case. Carmen escapes and everyone wonders if Avalon really was her father.

Bust out that box of tissues gumshoes, this one is a real tear jerker. The Carmen crime spree was awesome. Carmen's concern for

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home2_28.jpg Russian Acme detective who helps Zack and Ivy. Also seen in: "Scavenger Hunt" and "Rules of the Game".

Lee Jordan
home2_96.jpg Ex-Acme detective gone bad. Lee breaks out of jail and kidnaps Malcolm Avalon to get Carmen Sandiego to steal for him. He is also seen in: "Boyhood's End 1", "Boyhood's End 2", and "Can You Ever Go Home Again? Part 1"

Malcolm Avalon
A businessman from Argentina. After Carmen Sandiego sees a painting of Avalon's wife, Marguerite, she believes Avalon is her father. Avalon's wife and baby daughter were killed in a fire 30 years before. Carmen is an orphan with no memory of her parents. Lee Jordan kidnaps him to make Carmen steal items from around the world. Avalon falls off a roof and suffers amnesia which erases selected parts of his memory. He does not remember anything that happened during this case. He is also seen in: "Can You Ever Go Home Again? Part 1"

Hannah Lulu
home2_25.jpg Henchwoman also seen in "Curses, Foiled Again".

home2_59.jpg Lee Jordan's henchman. Also seen in: "Can You Ever Go Home Again? Part 1"

home2_64.jpg Acme detective from Macao. Also seen in: "Skull and Double-Crossbones"

home2_81.jpg Acme detective from Argentina. Also seen in: "The Good Old, Bad Old Days", and "Just Like Old Times"

Acme Detectives
home2_72.jpg Lots of Acme detectives in this one including: Jasmine, Tatyana, Lee, Armando, and Amati. Jasmine can also be seen in "Skull and Double-Crossbones". Amati can be seen in "A Higher Calling" and "Follow My Footprints".

Lee's List
home2_39.jpg Lee Jordan gives Carmen Sandiego a list of items to steal. Seen on the list: the Hope Diamond, a Samurai Sword, the Baseball Card of Honus Wagner, and the British Crown Jewels.

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the scene of the crime

Switzerland's Flag Switzerland
Carmen Sandiego and Lee Jordan flee Acme detectives Zack and Ivy.
USA's Flag Washington, D.C., USA
Carmen Sandiego breaks into the Smithsonian Museum and steals the Hope diamond.
England's Flag London, England
Carmen Sandiego steals the British Crown Jewels from the Tower of London.
Japan's Flag Tokyo, Japan
Carmen Sandiego steals a priceless samurai sword.
USA's Flag Los Angeles, California, USA
Carmen Sandiego steals Honus Wagner's baseball card, the most valuable in the world.
France's Flag Paris, France
Carmen Sandiego steals Leonardo da Vinci's "Mona Lisa" from the Louvre Museum.
China's Flag Beijing (Peking), China
Lee Jordan captured, Malcolm Avalon freed but injured.

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until next crime
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