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shaman spirits
Written by: Steve Granat, Cydne Clark, and Rick Shin Gould

Carmen Sandiego steals the Elgin Marbles, the Rosetta Stone, and a Native American headdress then is suddenly quiet. Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego? Carmen Sandiego is having a nightmare. In it she breaks into a Native American exhibit at a museum and the artifacts come to life. What does she do about her bad dream? Well... Carmen steals Native American treasures and promises to return them if the Native American healers will help her interpret her dream. Zack and Ivy get a little help from Acme detective Billy Running Bird. Zack and Ivy also learn more about Native American myths as they collect Carmen's clues. After Carmen talks with the healers she believes the three items she stole before this episode - the Elgin Marbles, the Rosetta Stone, and the headdress - want to return home.

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Carmen's Dream
shaman_2.jpg shaman_3.jpg shaman_10.jpg shaman_12.jpg
In her dream Carmen attempts to rob a Native American exhibit. The artifacts come to life and stop her. Another Carmen dream was seen in "Moondreams"

Myths and Legends of the Native Americans
shaman_16.jpg shaman_18.jpg shaman_19.jpg
Book Carmen is reading after her Native American symbol filled nightmare. Carmen's room also seen in "Moondreams".

Carmen in a red snowsuit
shaman_24.jpg Nifty red snowsuit. She also uses it in "The Tigress" and "Just Like Old Times".

Billy Running Bird
shaman_21.jpg shaman_33.jpg An Acme agent with Anasazi ancestors. He has a Hopi medicine woman for a grandmother. Pretty good with a lasso, he almost catches Carmen but his grandmother stops him.

"Why am I having nightmares about the raven, coyote, and bear?"
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Carmen leaves clues behind for the Native American healers. Inside is a note. She promises to return the stolen items if they will help solve her nightmare.

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the scene of the crime

Location Unknown Location Unknown
Carmen Sandiego steals a Native American headdress [crime not shown].
England's Flag London, England
The Rosetta Stone and the Elgin Marbles are stolen by Carmen Sandiego from the British Museum [crime not shown].
USA's Flag New York, New York, USA
A Haida Shaman rattle is stolen by Carmen Sandiego [crime not shown].
USA's Flag Prince of Wales Island, Alaska, USA
Carmen Sandiego leaves a little raven carving with Jon Silver Moon as a clue.
USA's Flag Mesa Verde, Colorado, USA
Carmen Sandiego leaves a little coyote carving at the Anasazi cliff dwellings. Carmen steals a Hopi medicine woman's Kachina doll.
USA's Flag Black Hills, South Dakota, USA
At the Sun Dance Festival, Carmen Sandiego steals Grey Cloud's ceremonial shield and leaves a little bear carving as a clue.
USA's Flag Devil's Tower, Wyoming, USA
Carmen Sandiego is chased to Devil's Tower National Monument but escapes. The rattle, doll, and shield are recovered.
Greece's Flag Athens, Greece
Carmen Sandiego returns the Elgin Marbles to Greece instead of England.
Egypt's Flag Cairo, Egypt
Carmen Sandiego returns the Rosetta Stone to Egypt instead of England.

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