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The Tigress
Written by: Mark L. Hoffmeier

The great Carmen Sandiego runs into some tough competition in this episode. Someone is beating her to the crime. A new super-thief calling herself "the Tigress" seems to always be half a step ahead of Carmen. Soon Carmen abandons her caper and seeks out the Tigress for a final face-off. Who is the mysterious Tigress? Why it's Acme detective Ivy. Zack and Ivy corner Carmen with an almost perfect plan.

This episode is one of my favorites. It has awesome Carmen escapes. Seeing Carmen shocked was great. Zack and Ivy on the offense is a welcome change of pace.

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Musée de l'Armée
tigress_10.jpg tigress_23.jpg Carmen attempts to steal Napoleon's files and map pieces from the Army Museum but the Tigress beats her to it. Here's a little more info on the Musée de l'Armée en français but has a map of the museum.

Musée des Egouts de Paris
tigress_46.jpg tigress_44.jpg Carmen leaves Zack and Ivy a clue in the Paris Sewer Museum. "One itsy-bitsy arachnid, $10.66, please pay hastily." More info on the museum can be found at the Paris website's Le Musée des Egouts page. En français.

Is Carmen still monitoring CrimeNet?
tigress_39.jpg She does know the system quite well... See also: "Hot Ice"

The Bayeux Tapestry
tigress_53.jpg tigress_43.jpg The Bayeux Tapestry is another item the two thieves are after. Here's a little Bayeux Tapestry lecture, pictures of the Bayeux Tapestry, and some Bayeux Tapestry Clipart.

Henchman Ken Do
tigress_60.jpg He is mentioned stealing a katanakate but he doesn't appear in the episode.

"You? You're the Tigress!?"
tigress_79.jpg tigress_75.jpg Who's the Tigress? The Tigress is Ivy. The carbon dioxide powered booster boots were made by Zack.

"Luckily, we broke all your clues in record time..."
tigress_78.jpg Has Carmen lost her edge? I guess after chasing Carmen for a couple of years they were bound to get lucky...

Who else knew about the plan?
The Chief was in the dark, why? He is head of Acme, how can they do something like this without him? Did the Player know about it?

Zack and Ivy set Carmen up
tigress_72.jpg tigress_91.jpg Zack and Ivy lure Carmen to Antarctica and almost catch her. See also: "Trick or Treat"

Do all Acme detectives make such wonderful thieves?
Carmen, Ivy, Zack, Lee... See also: "Boyhood's End 2", "Labyrinth Part 1" and "Timing is Everything"

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France's Flag Paris, France
At the Musée de l'Armée, Napoleon's files and map pieces stolen by the Tigress.
Iran's Flag Iran
A 500 year old chess set stolen by Carmen Sandiego [crime not shown].
Location Unknown Location Unknown
General Sherman's war maps stolen by Carmen Sandiego [crime not shown].
France's Flag Paris, France
A clue left behind by Carmen Sandiego found in the Musée des Egouts de Paris (the Paris Sewer Museum).
France's Flag Bayeux, France
Bayeux Tapestry stolen by Carmen Sandiego, then by the Tigress.
Italy's Flag Venice, Italy
Ken Do steals a katanakake [crime not shown].
Japan's Flag Nagoya, Japan
Atsuta Shrine, samurai sword stolen by Carmen Sandiego then by the Tigress.
Antarctica Antarctica
The South Pole, Carmen Sandiego taken into custody after Acme detectives Zack and Ivy's Tigress plan works.

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