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Written by: Sam Graham and Chris Hubbell

Carmen Sandiego dreams of becoming the first woman on the moon. And you know Carmen always tries, almost succeeds, to make her dreams become reality. Carmen doesn't just want to go to the moon, she wants the whole world to know it. She plans to visit a 'blue moon' and paint her portrait on it. Carmen, the first woman on the moon? You go, girl!!!

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Carmen's dream
moon_4.jpg moon_5.jpg We get to have a little peak into Carmen's psyche...and see her dream. In it she becomes the first woman on the moon.

Who are her henchmen in this episode?
moon_18.jpg Those two with the Chinese tattoos. Who are they? Do you know? Please tell me!!!

Carmen pays
moon_10.jpg Carmen actually legally acquires a key item to her plan, she buys an Illuma Pad. It's a little toy, kind of like a Lite Brite, costs about $10.

Limo Ride
moon_19.jpg There is a really cool shot of Carmen riding in a limo, zipping through the streets of New York.

Moo Juice
moon_20.jpg A billboard in Times Square advertises for this...unique sounding drink. Got Milk? Also seen in "A Date With Carmen Part 1"

moon_42.jpg The space camp cadet Zack and Ivy meet at the Kennedy Space Center. She tells them where Carmen plans to launch from.

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the scene of the crime

USA's Flag New York City, New York, USA
Carmen Sandiego and henchmen seen purchasing an Illuma Pad at a toy store.
China's Flag Yangtze River, Sichuan Province, China
VILE henchmen spotted, Acme detectives Zack and Ivy detained.
China's Flag Xichang, Sichuan Province, China
At the Xichang Satellite Launch Center, Carmen Sandiego and henchmen steal 3 rockets.
USA's Flag Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA
At the John F. Kennedy Space Center, Carmen steals the space shuttle.
Peru's Flag Andes Mountains, Peru
Carmen Sandiego's launch site, items returned.

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until next crime
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