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skull and double-crossbones
Written by: Doug Molitor

Carmen Sandiego has taken her crime spree to the open seas. She wants to become the greatest pirate in history. While this is going on, Zack is bragging about his "detective of the year" nomination. Ivy is also nominated but the award goes to Jasmine, a detective Player picks to work on this case with Zack and Ivy. Carmen resurrects the sunken HMS Swan and uses it to steal a Russian submarine.

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skull_17.jpg The Player picks a detective to work on this case...Jasmine.

skull_33.jpg Detective from Macao

Carbon Monofilament Cables
skull_13.jpg A little Carmen magic used to steal the cannons.

Translata-Scan: tsunami
skull_19.jpg Japanese word for tidal waves.

Rip Shipoff
skull_29.jpg skull_30.jpg Carmen's henchman. The detectives capture and question Rip Shipoff after the HMS Swan is stolen. Rip Shipoff's parrot tells the detectives a clue.

Zack speaks Russian
Zack speaks Russian to the Akula's crew.

"I accept this detective of the year award..."
skull_15.jpg skull_57.jpg

The Detective of the Year Award nominations are out. Zack, Ivy, and Jasmine are nominated. Zack is sure he'll win but the award goes to Jasmine.

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the scene of the crime

Jamaica's Flag Port Royal, Jamaica
Fort Charles' cannons stolen by Carmen Sandiego and henchmen.
Jamaica's Flag Port Royal, Jamaica
The sunken ship, the HMS Swan, is stolen by Carmen Sandiego and her henchmen.
USA's Flag La Jolla, California, USA
Bathymetric maps stolen from the Scripps Institution by Carmen Sandiego's henchmen [crime not shown].
China's Flag Macao, Macao, China
The Russian submarine Akula stolen by Carmen Sandiego and her henchmen.

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