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 info-scan boyhood's end part 2
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boyhood's end part 2
Written by: Sean Roche, Melanie Williams & Perry Adelman

Part 2 of 2. Carmen Sandiego has a new protégé, ex-Acme detective Lee Jordan. Lee's flamboyant ways and greed clash with Carmen's rules and he is soon pulling off heists on his own. How does Carmen stop her work in progress? Sick Zack and Ivy on him, of course.

Wonderful episode... and Carmen doesn't steal a thing. On my all time favorite list. We get to learn a couple of Carmen's rules as she tries to teach them to Lee. This episode shows Carmen is a crook with class. It has some great quotes.

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Carmen's Rules
boy_7.jpg boy_9.jpg boy_33.jpg boy_44.jpg
We get to hear a couple of Carmen's rules as she tries to teach her new protégé, Lee Jordan.

"There are always choices... when you use your brains and not your brawn."
"The worth is in the craftsmanship. Work with me and you'll learn the same applies to the perfect heist"
"When you work with me, you do things my way."

boy_32.jpg the_adoration_of_the_magi.jpg the birth of venus
When Carmen discusses stealing the Divine Comedy she shows Lee Adoration of the Magi [1475*; Florence, Uffizi]. Well... Carmen shows him a bit of the right corner. Botticelli is best known for The Birth of Venus [1484*; Florence, Uffizi]. Want more info on Botticelli? Why don't you C-5 to: Uffizi - Sandro Botticelli

The Sistine Hall
boy_25.jpg boy_40.jpg boy_39.jpg huge picture of the sistine hall
Zack's postcards come in quite handy in this episode. He has one of "The Sistine Hall" in the Vatican, so does Lee Jordan. Lee pastes the picture to the surveillance camera as he and Carmen Sandiego try to steal the Divine Comedy.

Roman Holiday
boy_34.jpg boy_28.jpg boy_41.jpg
Tons of shots of Rome in this episode. The Vatican, Colosseum, the Castel Sant'Angelo, and others are shown. Castel Sant'Angelo was also in "Just Like Old Times". The Colosseum was also in "Labyrinth Part 3"

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the scene of the crime

Vatican City's Flag Vatican City
Break in at the Vatican Archive and Library. Lee Jordan and Carmen Sandiego attempt to steal Dante's "Divine Comedy".
USA's Flag Washington, D.C., USA
Gems from the Smithsonian Museum stolen by Lee Jordan [crime not shown].
Greece's Flag Athens, Greece
The National Archeological Museum's ticket sales stolen by Lee Jordan [crime not shown].
Switzerland's Flag Geneva, Switzerland
The National Swiss Bank robbed by Lee Jordan.
USA's Flag Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Gold ingots stolen from the U.S. Mint by Lee Jordan.

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