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a higher calling
Written by: Kimmer Ringwald and Sean Roche

Carmen Sandiego steals Stonehenge, stone sculptures from Easter Island, and a telescope. What is she up to? She wants to communicate with intelligent life on other planets.


I am still working on this...


the scene of the crime

England's Flag Salisbury, England
Stonehenge stolen by Carmen Sandiego.
Mexico's Flag Palenque, Mexico
Four Chin Hunter captured by Zack and Ivy.
Puerto Rico's Flag Puerto Rico
NASA's Arecibo telescope stolen by Carmen's henchmen [crime not shown].
Chile's Flag Easter Island
Stone heads, moai, stolen by Carmen Sandiego from Rapa Nui (Easter Island).
Australia's Flag Ayers Rock, Australia
Items recovered but Carmen Sandiego escapes.


until next crime
last tweaked: 1-14-00