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scavenger hunt
Written by: Melanie Williams and Perry Adleman

Carmen Sandiego gives Zack and Ivy a list of five items; the challenge of a scavenger hunt is made. Zack posts the clues on CrimeNet to get every Acme detective involved. Why does Carmen want to steal gift-related items by midnight? It is March 1, Carmen Sandiego's birthday. Carmen has the detectives gather the items she wants so she can steal them all before her birthday is over.

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the scene of the crime

USA's Flag Washington D.C., USA
March 1, at the General Services Administration Vault located in the US Department of Energy, Carmen Sandiego steals an Assyrian crown.
Russia's Flag Moscow, Russia
At the Gold and Silver Room in the Armory Museum in the Kremlin, Carmen Sandiego steals a Fabergé Egg.
USA's Flag Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Elvis Presley's pink Cadillac stolen by Carmen Sandiego.
Brazil's Flag Brazil
At the Acme safehouse in the Amazon Jungle, Carmen Sandiego attempts to steal items the detectives have gathered including: the George Washington statue from Caracas, Venezuela, a baby cradle from Vienna, Austria, and "The Birthday" by Marc Chagall.

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