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the episodes: season 2
info - a more detailed summary. has the scene of the crime, a list of things/places stolen.

pictures - 30 thumbnails per page located at my crosswinds site.

quotes - a bunch of quotes. what I thought was funny, interesting, and awesome.

season 2
skull and double-crossbones skull and double-crossbones
Carmen sets out to become the greatest pirate in history by stealing a Russian sub.
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scavenger hunt scavenger hunt
Carmen invites the detectives to participate in a scavenger hunt.
info - pictures - quotes
hot ice hot ice
Carmen takes over CrimeNet after breaking into Acme HQ and stealing a bubble memory module.
info - pictures - quotes
all for one all for one
Carmen Sandiego plans on inspiring teamwork among the VILE henchmen.
info - pictures - quotes
when it rains when it rains
The detectives are baffled by Carmen's recent behavior, but all is explained as Sara Bellum tries to pull off her first solo caper.
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déjà vu déjà vu
Carmen Sandiego is stealing items she once saved when she was a detective so Zack and Ivy ask Carmen's old partner for some help.
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boyhood's end part 1 boyhood's end part 1
Ivy is temporarily partnered with Lee Jordan one of ACME's best detectives, but he tries to sabotage her efforts to catch Carmen.
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boyhood's end part 2 boyhood's end part 2
Carmen Sandiego clashes with her new protégé, ex-Acme detective Lee Jordan.
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