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the stolen smile
Written by: Kimmer Ringwald, Michael Konik and Sean Roche

The first episode. The Player picks detectives to try to catch Carmen Sandiego. What's Carmen done now? She has stolen the eyes of a Vincent van Gogh self-portrait, the nose from a Picasso, and the Mona Lisa's smile. Carmen plans to create her own masterpiece. Acme detective Ivy and her younger brother Zack are the only ones who can stop her.

I liked this episode even though it had some rough spots. It is the first episode.

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I am still working on this...

A van Gogh exhibit
Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890), Dutch post-impressionist painter. Tons of Vincent's painting are shown in the beginning of this episode as Carmen sneaks around the van Gogh museum. I am pretty sure these are the paintings shown. I couldn't make some out...

smile_21.jpg smile_22.jpg smile_33.jpg smile_38.jpg smile_39.jpg smile_4.jpg
smile_62.jpg smile_14.jpg smile_64.jpg smile_65.jpg smile_15.jpg smile_66.jpg

'Old Church Tower at Nuenen' Old church tower at Nuenen; 1885; van Gogh Foundation, Amsterdam;
Carmen walks by it.

self-portrait_saint-remy.jpg Self-portrait, Saint-Rémy; 1890; Musée d'Orsay, Paris;
Carmen steals its eyes.

'Sunflowers' Sunflowers; 1889; Rijksmuseum Vincent van Gogh, Amsterdam;
Seen during the Chief's van Gogh lesson.

'L'Arlésienne' L'Arlésienne; 1888; Metropolitan Museum, New York;
Seen during the Chief's van Gogh lesson.

'Dr. Paul Gachet' Dr. Paul Gachet; 1890; Musée d'Orsay, Paris;
From the Chief's van Gogh lesson

Self-portrait, with grey felt hat; 1887; van Gogh Foundation, Amsterdam;
Seen over the curator's shoulder

'Starry Night' Starry Night; 1889; Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York;
From the Chief's van Gogh lesson

'The Potato Eaters' The Potato Eaters; 1885; Rijksmuseum Vincent van Gogh, Amsterdam;
From the Chief's van Gogh lesson.

Boats at Saintes-Maries; 1888; van Gogh Foundation, Amsterdam;
From the Chief's van Gogh lesson

Roulin, the postman; 1888; Museum of Fine Arts, Boston;
From the Chief's van Gogh lesson

Most of the paintings can be found at: The van Gogh Online Gallery or at OCAIW

A Carmen Double
smile_40.jpg To steal the van Gogh's eyes and to escape the police, Carmen uses a decoy. Carmen has used doubles before. See also: "A Date with Carmen Part 1" and "Labyrinth Part 1"

Touriste Classe
smile_52.jpg Carmen's henchman in this episode. The detectives chase him in Amsterdam. He also steals the Mona Lisa's smile from the Louvre. He can also be seen in "Labyrinth Part 1"

Carmen's Clue
smile_13.jpg smile_68.jpg "I had the biggest nose, but I might be lying. I had the biggest nose, but I might be lying."

The Picasso Nose
smile_23.jpg   portrait_jaime_sabartes.jpg Portrait de Jaime Sabartés; 1939; Museo Picasso; Barcelona, Spain
Want more info on Picasso? Visit Mark Harden's "Pablo Picasso" or Pablo Picasso.

Carmen's covered face
smile_29.jpg Carmen covers her face with a orange scarf in this episode. Yuck! Thankfully, she stops doing that.

"Now I will unveil my masterpiece for you, and then I'll keep it forever in my private art museum."
What does Carmen's masterpiece look like? van Gogh eyes + a Picasso nose + a famous smile = this? Well...maybe. Hey! I'm no artist! Can you do better? E-mail me your pic and I'll put it up...

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the scene of the crime

Netherland's Flag Amsterdam, Holland
At the Van Gogh Museum, the eyes from "Self-portrait, Saint-Rémy" by Vincent Van Gogh stolen by Carmen Sandiego.
Spain's Flag Barcelona, Spain
The nose of Picasso's "Portrait de Jaime Sabartés" is stolen from the Museo Picasso [crime not shown].
France's Flag Paris, France
At the Louvre Museum, the mouth of the "Mona Lisa" by Leonardo da Vinci stolen by Touriste Classe and Carmen.
France's Flag Near Montignac, France
At the Lascaux Cave, Carmen steals the tv airwaves from the world and broadcasts her message. Items recovered.

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until next crime
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