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the episodes
here's a list of all the episodes I have. this page'll take a while to load...I put tons of adorable carmen pics on this page. sorry. I couldn't help myself.

info - a more detailed summary. has the scene of the crime, a list of things/places stolen.

pictures - 30 thumbnails per page located at my crosswinds site.

quotes - a bunch of quotes. what I thought was funny, interesting, and awesome.

season 1
the stolen smile the stolen smile
Carmen Sandiego steals the best parts of famous paintings so she can put them together and create a masterpiece of her own.
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a higher calling a higher calling
Carmen Sandiego steals items in an attempt to contact intelligent life on other planets.
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dinosaur delirium dinosaur delirium
Carmen steals top secret genetic research to make her own dinosaur.
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by a whisker by a whisker
Carmen steals two rare white lion cubs and acquires items to build the perfect private game preserve for them.
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the good old, bad old days the good old, bad old days
Carmen plans the perfect low-tech robbery...without using any of her high-tech gadgets.
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rules of the game rules of the game
Carmen Sandiego steals statues, armor, and turrets to play a life-size chess game with the detectives.
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split up split up
Zack's new security system, the Zack Attach 20,000, irritates Ivy and intrigues Carmen, who sets out to crack the system.
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moondreams moondreams
Carmen Sandiego dreams of being the first woman on the moon...and she wants the whole world to know it.
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the play's the thing the play's the thing
Carmen Sandiego decides to show the world just how good an actress she really is.
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music to my ears music to my ears
Carmen Sandiego gives stolen musical instruments and stolen talent to her henchwomen.
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a date with carmen part 1 a date with carmen part 1
A time traveling Carmen Sandiego causes havoc in the Colonial U.S.
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a date with carmen 2 a date with carmen part 2
Carmen Sandiego continues to travel through time, disrupting U.S. history.
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chapter and verse chapter and verse
Carmen Sandiego steals literary items while writing her memoirs.
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season 2
skull and double-crossbones skull and double-crossbones
Carmen sets out to become the greatest pirate in history by stealing a Russian sub.
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scavenger hunt scavenger hunt
Carmen invites the detectives to participate in a scavenger hunt.
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hot ice hot ice
Carmen takes over CrimeNet after breaking into Acme HQ and stealing a bubble memory module.
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all for one all for one
Carmen Sandiego plans on inspiring teamwork among the VILE henchmen.
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when it rains when it rains
The detectives are baffled by Carmen's recent behavior, but all is explained as Sara Bellum tries to pull off her first solo caper.
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déjà vu déjà vu
Carmen Sandiego is stealing items she once saved when she was a detective so Zack and Ivy ask Carmen's old partner for some help.
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boyhood's end part 1 boyhood's end part 1
Ivy is temporarily partnered with Lee Jordan one of ACME's best detectives, but he tries to sabotage her efforts to catch Carmen.
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boyhood's end part 2 boyhood's end part 2
Carmen Sandiego clashes with her new protégé, ex-Acme detective Lee Jordan.
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season 3
the tigress the tigress
A new thief calling herself "The Tigress" gives Carmen competition.
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the remnants the remnants
Carmen's "Wizard of Oz" themed crime spree leads to a revelation about her past.
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curses, foiled again curses, foiled again
Carmen Sandiego tries to help henchwoman Hannah Lulu conquer her superstitious fears.
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birds of a feather birds of a feather
Carmen Sandiego plans the perfect crime by using a henchman's raven.
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shaman spirits shaman spirits
Carmen seeks help from Native American healers to stop her bad dreams.
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follow my footprints follow my footprints
After Carmen's plane crashes and she is assumed dead, Zack and Ivy try to figure out the clues to her final caper.
info - pictures - quotes
labyrinth part 1 labyrinth part 1
Zack and Ivy run the obstacles Carmen throws their way at VILE's secret training facility.
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labyrinth part 2 labyrinth part 2: woman of the year
Zack and Ivy try to prove to the people of the future that Carmen Sandiego is a thief, and not the hero they think she is.
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labyrinth part 3 labyrinth part 3: when in rome
Carmen's attempt to become the greatest thief in history takes her to the past... Rome 176 A.D.
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just like old times just like old times
Carmen steals the Chief because she wants to spend Christmas with an old friend, but he has come down with a computer virus and his memory is rapidly failing.
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season 4
the trial of carmen sandiego the trial of carmen sandiego
Ex-judge R. B. Traitor puts Carmen on trial for stealing the Magna Carta and the only ones who can help clear her name are Zack and Ivy.
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trick or treat trick or treat
Zack and Ivy humiliate Carmen on tv so she decides to get a little revenge on Halloween.
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retribution 1: unsinkable carmen sandiego retribution 1: unsinkable carmen sandiego
The Chief tells Zack and Ivy how he helped detective Carmen Sandiego catch Dr. Maelstrom in 1985.
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retribution 2: in memoriam retribution 2: in memoriam
As Carmen plans a memorial for Maelstrom, he plots her downfall.
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retribution 3: maelstrom's revenge retribution 3: maelstrom's revenge
Carmen teams up with Zack and Ivy to clear her name and to stop Maelstrom.
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timing is everything timing is everything
Henchman Mason Dixon steals Carmen's time machine and becomes the head of VILE, making Carmen his henchwoman.
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cupid sandiego cupid sandiego
I have not seen this episode yet...

info - pictures - quotes
can you ever go home again? part 1 can you ever go home again? part 1
After a failed robbery attempt Carmen Sandiego believes she has found her father, while he doesn't believe it because his daughter would never be a thief.
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can you ever go home again? part 2 can you ever go home again? part 2
Lee Jordan kidnaps the man Carmen thinks is her father, forcing Carmen to steal anything he desires.
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