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a date with carmen part 1
Written by: Peter Lawrence & Sean Roche

Part 1 of 2. Carmen steals top secret Russian research on the speed of light and builds her own time machine. She travels back in time and steals items preventing the thirteen colonies from becoming the United States of America. Zack and Ivy use Acme's chrono-skimmer to chase her through time until Carmen steals Benjamin Franklin's key. Without the key Ben won't discover electricity. Without it Zack and Ivy are stuck in the past...

A good time traveling episode... Star Trek eat your heart out!

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I am still working on this...

Carmen doubles
date1_5.jpg Carmen uses blow-up replicas of herself when sneaking into the Russian research lab. She uses a decoy in "Labyrinth Part 2"

Carmen speaks Russian
She tells the guards, "Wrong, gentlemen".

"Listen, my children and you shall hear of the midnight ride of Paul Revere..."
The Museum of Fine Arts curator quotes the famous poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

Four Chin Hunter
date1_16.jpg Carmen's henchman. He is caught by Zack and Ivy at the museum.

The Royal Standard
date1_17.jpg The Queen's flag was seen in Boston by the detectives.

Fenway Park
date1_18.jpg date1_20.jpg date1_21.jpg
Home of the Boston Red Sox. Zack and Ivy chase henchwoman Sara Bellum in Boston. She gets caught in the net above the "Green Monster".

Sarah Bellum
date1_12.jpg date1_23.jpg Carmen's henchwoman. Sara is captured at Fenway. Also seen in: "Split Up" and "Trick or Treat"

Moo Juice
date1_24.jpg Billboard for the stuff seen in outfield at Fenway Park. Another Moo Juice ad can be seen at Times Square in the episode "Moondreams".

date1_26.jpg Acme's time travel device. Named by the Chief. According to Zack, it looks like an oversized garage door opener. Also used in the other time traveling episodes: "A Date with Carmen Part 2", "Labyrinth Part 1", "Labyrinth Part 2", "Labyrinth Part 3", and "Timing is Everything".

The Boston Tea Party
date1_37.jpg date1_38.jpg December 16, 1773

Pearl Diver
date1_40.jpg Carmen's henchwoman. Also seen in part 2

Benjamin Franklin
date1_56.jpg date1_50.jpg Carmen stops his key-lightning experiment. His "Poor Richard's Almanac" is a clue.

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the scene of the crime

Russia's Flag Arctic Russia
Top-secret research on the speed of light stolen by Carmen Sandiego from a Russian research lab.
USA's Flag Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Sarah Bellum and Four Chin Hunter spotted at the Museum of Fine Arts. The Liberty Bowl mysteriously disappears. Sara Bellum captured at Fenway Park.
UK's Flag Boston, Massachusetts Bay Colony
April 18, 1775, Paul Revere's famous midnight ride has been interrupted by Carmen Sandiego.
UK's Flag Boston, Massachusetts Bay Colony
December 16, 1773, Griffin's Wharf in Boston Harbor, Carmen Sandiego and henchmen steal ships carrying British tea.
Japan's Flag Nagasaki, Japan
1773, Boston tea recovered and a clue is left by Carmen Sandiego.
UK's Flag Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Colony
1782, Ben Franklin's key stolen by Carmen Sandiego.

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until next crime
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