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birds of a feather
Written by: Perry Adleman and Melanie Williams

Carmen Sandiego has Frank M. Poster loosen the Star of Africa on the Queen's scepter in the Tower of London. She then has one of Stu Pigeon's ravens steal it while she is thousands of miles away in Afghanistan. Things go along perfectly until the raven does not show up at the rendezvous site in Scotland. Carmen Sandiego has been double-crossed! Zack and Ivy try to make sense of this bird brained caper with the help of Acme bird expert Chester.

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the scene of the crime

Ireland's Flag Limerick, Ireland
Frank M. Poster breaks out of jail a month before this case.
England's Flag London, England
The Star of Africa stolen from the Tower of London's jewel house [crime not shown].
Afghanistan's Flag Mazar-E Sharif, Afghanistan
Carmen Sandiego seen buying a cheap lamp.
Scotland's Flag Hoy, Scotland
A bird watching Carmen Sandiego eludes Acme detectives Zack and Ivy.
USA's Flag Piedmont, California, USA
At the Leonard J. Waxdeck Bird Calling Contest, Carmen Sandiego steals tapes of the contest.
Ireland's Flag Limerick, Ireland
One of Stu Piegon's ravens has the Star of Africa diamond. Carmen Sandiego gets away.

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until next crime
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