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 info-scan labyrinth part 2: woman of the year 2101
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labyrinth part 2
Written by: Dennis O'Flaherty and Sean Roche

Part 2 of 3. In "Labyrinth Part 1", Carmen Sandiego stole a bust of Marcus Aurelius and escaped into the future with her new time machine. Zack and Ivy follow Carmen to the year 2101. Carmen is there to steal a powerful electromagnet. Carmen isn't the only one interested in the electromagnet... two thieves attempt to steal it before she does. Quick thinking Carmen captures the crooks and suddenly becomes a world heroine. They let her be the guest of honor at the World's Fair, where the electromagnet is being presented.

While all of this is going on Zack and Ivy run into one problem after another. The Chief of 2101 doesn't remember Zack and Ivy, there are no recent records of the Acme detectives. They have to try to prove to the Chief that they really are Acme detectives. Zack and Ivy must convince the world that Carmen Sandiego is a thief, not the hero they think she is.

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"A perfect chrono-landing"
thumbnail--click me! 19 degrees north, 90 degrees west in the year: 2101 A.D.

The Chief
thumbnail--click me! The Chief version 2101.

City Crime News
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Zack and Ivy ask for the city crime news in Russia. Robberies that took place in Moscow the night before: an electronic bank job, an on-line department store warehouse robbed, a street corner stick-up, the Moscow Museum robbed.

Old news clips from the Library of Congress
As Zack and Ivy view clips from Carmen's past, Carmen deletes her records. I haven't seen all of the episodes so this is a little incomplete...

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Carmen alters her files from the Hotel Millennium. [LAB 2]
Carmen in the van Gogh Museum. [SMILE]
Carmen escapes from the van Gogh museum. [SMILE]
Carmen steals the Assyrian crown. [Scavenger Hunt]
Carmen with someone in a white coat. [LAB 1]
Police cars surround Carmen. [SMILE]
Carmen slides along a rope. [?]
London Bridge? [WHIS]
Boat chases. [?]
A tower. [?]
Carmen steals the van Gogh painting's eyes. [SMILE]
Carmen steals the Tower of London. [WHIS]
A snowy scene. [?]
Carmen dives off the Statue of Liberty. [the opening]

Zack and Ivy get arrested in Russia 2101
thumbnail--click me! Zack's 0658-244 Ivy's 0658-245

Zack and Ivy were detectives of the decade
thumbnail--click me! The Chief of 2101 gives them their old award.

A Carmen Double
thumbnail--click me! thumbnail--click me! At the Hotel Millennium, Zack and Ivy corner what they think is Carmen Sandiego. She falls to the street and goes splat. Don't worry... it's just a dummy. Carmen is at the Moscow Museum stealing a panther-man costume when the detectives pay her room a visit. Carmen has used doubles before. See also: "A Date with Carmen Part 1"

Acme Archives
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The Chief's Acme archives requisition comes through and proves Zack and Ivy are who they say they are. Zack and Ivy hold Jasmine's "detective of the year" award [SKULL], Zack is dragged on ice [Chapter and Verse], Zack makes faces and Ivy grabs him [Scavenger Hunt].

Shield of Silence
thumbnail--click me! thumbnail--click me! Anti-snooping device used by the Chief. When in the shield nobody can listen in on what is said. Also used in "The Trial of Carmen Sandiego"

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the scene of the crime

Mexico's flag Central America
2101, At a top secret United Nations facility Carmen Sandiego stops two thieves from stealing an electromagnet.
Russia's flag Moscow, Russia
Carmen Sandiego's deletes her Library of Congress files from her room at the Hotel Millennium.
Russia's flag Moscow, Russia
Moscow Museum robbed by Carmen Sandiego, an antique panther-man costume is stolen.
Russia's flag Moscow, Russia
Acme detectives Zack and Ivy are arrested for breaking into the Hotel Millennium and later released.
Ivory Coast's flag Abidjan, Ivory Coast, Africa
At the World's Fair, Carmen Sandiego steals the electromagnet and Acme detectives Zack and Ivy are arrested.

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until next crime
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