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the episodes: season 1
info - a more detailed summary. has the scene of the crime, a list of things/places stolen.

pictures - 30 thumbnails per page located at my crosswinds site.

quotes - a bunch of quotes. what I thought was funny, interesting, and awesome.

season 1
the stolen smile the stolen smile
Carmen Sandiego steals the best parts of famous paintings so she can put them together and create a masterpiece of her own.
info - pictures - quotes
a higher calling a higher calling
Carmen Sandiego steals items in an attempt to contact intelligent life on other planets.
info - pictures - quotes
dinosaur delirium dinosaur delirium
Carmen steals top secret genetic research to make her own dinosaur.
info - pictures - quotes
by a whisker by a whisker
Carmen steals two rare white lion cubs and acquires items to build the perfect private game preserve for them.
info - pictures - quotes
the good old, bad old days the good old, bad old days
Carmen plans the perfect low-tech robbery...without using any of her high-tech gadgets.
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rules of the game rules of the game
Carmen Sandiego steals statues, armor, and turrets to play a life-size chess game with the detectives.
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split up split up
Zack's new security system, the Zack Attach 20,000, irritates Ivy and intrigues Carmen, who sets out to crack the system.
info - pictures - quotes
moondreams moondreams
Carmen Sandiego dreams of being the first woman on the moon...and she wants the whole world to know it.
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the play's the thing the play's the thing
Carmen Sandiego decides to show the world just how good an actress she really is.
info - pictures - quotes
music to my ears music to my ears
Carmen Sandiego gives stolen musical instruments and stolen talent to her henchwomen.
info - pictures - quotes
a date with carmen part 1 a date with carmen part 1
A time traveling Carmen Sandiego causes havoc in the Colonial U.S.
info - pictures - quotes
a date with carmen 2 a date with carmen part 2
Carmen Sandiego continues to travel through time, disrupting U.S. history.
info - pictures - quotes
chapter and verse chapter and verse
Carmen Sandiego steals literary items while writing her memoirs.
info - pictures - quotes
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