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chapter and verse
Written by: David Ehrman and Sean Roche

Carmen Sandiego steals literary items in this episode. She is writing her memoirs, "The Biggest Crimes of all Time", and needs a little inspiration. Carmen comes up with an ending by stealing all of CrimeNet's files.

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the scene of the crime

Denmark's Flag Copenhagen, Denmark
Carmen Sandiego attempts to steal a statue of the Little Mermaid.
England's Flag London, England
Carmen Sandiego steals Charles Dickens' ink well.
USA's Flag Hannibal, MO, USA
Henchwoman Paige Turner steals Mark Twain's writing desk.
India's Flag India
Ruins like the one described in "The Jungle Book" by Rudyard Kipling is stolen [crime not shown].
Switzerland's Flag Maienfeld, Switzerland
Items recovered, Carmen Sandiego escapes yet again.

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until next crime
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