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 info-scan dinosaur delirium
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dinosaur delirium
Written by: Thomas Peroutka and David Ehrman

Carmen Sandiego has pulled off some pretty amazing things. She always sets her sights on something big, something no one else would even try, and this caper was no exception. Carmen decides she wants her own dinosaur. She steals various items and begins to make the impossible. Can Zack and Ivy stop her before we have a scene straight out of "Jurassic Park"?

A so-so episode for me. An impossible, only-Carmen-could-have-done-it, crime attempted. Any episode dripping with this much Carmen-ego has to be ok.

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I am still working on this...

dino_7.jpg Carmen Sandiego's personalized license plate.

Carmen en espaņol
Carmen speaks Spanish to distract the guards [here]. My Spanish is you know what they say?

Ivy's Workout
dino_12.jpg Ivy exercises, Zack just watches.

Clay Tandoori
dino_13.jpg Carmen's henchman. His homebase is Agra, India. He steals a part of the Taj Mahal. Also seen in "Labyrinth Part 1"

dino_15.jpg A friendly peticab driver the detectives meet in Agra, India.

Carmen's Clue
dino_27.jpg dino_28.jpg "Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi..." uh, sorry. Carmen leaves the detectives a little clue in a miniature Taj Mahal. She tells them to "follow Hillary's route to the Hill".

Taj Mahal
dino_17.jpg dino_18.jpg dino_21.jpg
The Taj Mahal

The Smithsonian
dino_30.jpg dino_32.jpg The Smithsonian museum.

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the scene of the crime

Location Unknown Location unknown
Carmen and her henchmen steal four Russian Mil-MI 26 helicopters.
India's Flag Agra, India
Clay Tandoori and VILE henchmen steal the dome from the Taj Mahal.
Location Unknown Location unknown
Computer disks containing genetic research, particularly Dinosaur research, stolen [crime not shown].
USA's Flag Washington D.C., USA
The Smithsonian Institution broken into by Carmen and her henchmen. Dinosaur bones stolen.
Indonesia's Flag Komodo Island, Indonesia
Items retrieved.

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until next crime
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