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 info-scan the good old, bad old days
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the good old, bad old days
Written by: Cydne Clark & Steve Granat

The Player says anyone can be as good a thief as Carmen with the kind of technology she possesses. Carmen decides to prove him wrong and plans the perfect low-tech robbery. Carmen tries to steal the Orient Express without using any of her high-tech gadgets. Ivy and Zack get some additional help from Acme detective/gaucho Armando Arguella.

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"The most secure vault in the modern world."
days_9.jpg Well, that's according to Mr. Satsuma. Carmen Sandiego had no problem breaking in. Located in Tokyo, Japan, The Satsuma Bank Penthouse Vault is made of titanium steel. It is surrounded by 15 feet of solid granite. Their are 12 empty floors beneath it, sealed by 50,000 volt grids. The vault is protected by the latest security available and to get in you need Mr. Satsuma because a retinal scan is required.

Zack and Ivy at home
days_15.jpg Ivy is trying to finish her crossword puzzle while Zack is jumping around, playing an air guitar, irritating his sister. Their home is also seen in: "Split Up", "Trick or Treat", and "Can You Ever Go Home Again? Part 1"

Carmen and explosives
According to Zack: "Why would Carmen break into a Nevada gold mine to steal dynamite? She's never blown-up anything before."

Buck N. Bronco
days_52.jpg V.I.L.E. henchman who makes an appearance. He is a western saddle rider, a cowboy who makes his hideout in Tombstone, Arizona.

Armando Arguella
days_29.jpg Acme detective from Argentina. The detectives have worked with him before this case. Also appears in "Just Like Old Times" and "Can You Ever Go Home Again? Part 2"

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the scene of the crime

Japan's Flag Tokyo, Japan
The Satsuma Bank Penthouse Vault broken into by Carmen Sandiego.
USA's Flag Near Carson City, Nevada, USA
Carmen's henchmen steal dynamite from a gold mine.
Austria's Flag Vienna, Austria
At the Spanische Reitschule, the Royal Lippizaner Stallions stolen on October 26 by Carmen's henchmen.
USA's Flag Tombstone, Arizona, USA
At the re-enactment of the Gunfight at the OK Corral, the actors' costumes stolen by Carmen and her henchmen.
Location Unknown Tyrolean Alps, Europe
Along the Austrian-Italian border, The Orient Express is hijacked by Carmen and her henchmen.

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until next crime
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