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timing is eveything
Written by: Mark L. Hoffmeier

Henchman Mason Dixon is fed up with Carmen's scoldings so he steals her time machine. He goes back in time to a failed robbery where he got arrested and sent to jail while Carmen escaped. Mason changes things so Carmen becomes the one who is captured and imprisoned. Fast forward to the present...Zack and Ivy can't figure out how Mason Dixon has become the head of V.I.L.E. and how Carmen Sandiego became his insecure henchwoman. Can Zack and Ivy help build Carmen's confidence up enough to stop Mason Dixon's evil plans?

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Ivy in a dress
thumbnail--click me! At the Appomattox Court House Ivy tries to blend in by wearing a dress. That's henchwoman Ante Bellum in the truck.

Mason Dixon
thumbnail--click me! Carmen Sandiego's henchman. He messes up the Appomattox Court House caper and gets quite a scolding from Carmen. Mason decides to steal Carmen's time machine and becomes the head of V.I.L.E. by changing the past. At a failed robbery in Amsterdam seven years earlier, instead of Mason Dixon being jailed... Carmen Sandiego was arrested.

Carmen in Grey
thumbnail--click me! After Mason Dixon changes the past Carmen spends a couple of years in prison. When she gets out she becomes Mason's insecure henchwoman.

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the scene of the crime

USA's Flag Appomattox, Virginia, USA
Carmen Sandiego and henchmen Mason Dixon and Ante Bellum attempt to steal a 130 year old sofa at the Appomattox Court House.
USA's Flag Appomattox, Virginia, USA
April 9, 1865. A table used in the peace treaty signing is stolen by George Custer.
USA's Flag Richmond, Virginia, USA
Carmen Sandiego breaks into the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.
USA's Flag Charleston, South Carolina, USA
1864. The Hunley, a Confederate Navy submarine is stolen from Charleston Harbor by Carmen Sandiego, with the help of Acme detectives Zack and Ivy.
USA's Flag Hampton Roads, Virginia, USA
March 9, 1862. The stolen submarine, the Hunley, is almost used by Mason Dixon to sink the Monitor.
USA's Flag Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, USA
1863. Mason Dixon steals a wagon load of shoes.
Netherland's Flag Amsterdam, Netherlands
7+ years before this case. Carmen Sandiego and Mason Dixon attempt to steal a Rembrandt. Mason Dixon is caught and sent to prison for 7 years.
USA's Flag Appomattox, Virginia, USA
VILE henchmen Mason Dixon is captured.

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