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 info-scan retribution 1: unsinkable carmen sandiego
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retribution 1: unsinkable carmen sandiego
Written by: Steve Granat & Cydne Clark

Part 1 of 3. A flashback episode! Super-baddie Maelstrom attempts to break out of prison. It looks like he died while escaping. Zack and Ivy ask the Chief for a little more info on Maelstrom so most of the episode is what happened in 1985. The Chief's first case for Acme involved the brilliant marine archeologist Dr. Maelstrom. Detective Carmen Sandiego is determined to stop Maelstrom from pulling off the "greatest seagoing theft of all time". Maelstrom tries to steal the sunken Titanic. Acme creates the Chief, a robot, to help her catch him. After the story Zack and Ivy realize Maelstrom is still alive. They track him to Belize and are captured. To be continued... argh!

Detective Sandiego kicks butt in this episode. A pre-Chief and C-5 Acme was interesting. Wow, Carmen was that good a detective without Acme's technology. She has quite a temper...

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ret1_49.jpg The episode begins with the apparent death of Dr. Maelstrom. He was a brilliant marine archeologist who committed underwater thefts. Acme agent Carmen Sandiego captured him on August 31 1985. Maelstrom predicted Carmen Sandiego's decent to the dark side. He also appears in "Retribution Part 2" and "Retribution Part 3"

Detective Carmen Sandiego
ret1_41.jpg One of Acme's best and brightest. She's the detective assigned to stop Maelstrom. Carmen Sandiego gets a partner, the Chief, and captures her nemesis, Maelstrom, in this episode.

The Chief
ret1_42.jpg ret1_43.jpg Way before the Chief becomes head of Acme... he was just another detective. The boys at headquarters decide to give Carmen a little help, a partner named Chief. His name is an acronym for: "Computerized Holographic Imaging Educational Facilitator". The Chief in his robot body is also seen in "Retribution Part 3"

Maelstrom's number code
ret1_75.jpg ret1_78.jpg Flag colors = billiard ball numbers = Maelstrom's code
NW Lat 41 Min 43 Long 49 Min 56
Maelstrom is a fantastic pool player. Carmen almost caught him at a French Billiards tournament.

Acme Jet
ret1_58.jpg Before the invention of the C-5 Corridor, Acme's detectives had to use the jet to get around.

The Titanic
ret1_82.jpg Maelstrom plans on stealing the Titanic. Do you want more info on the Titanic? [The real thing, not the movie!] If you do, visit Encyclopędia Britannica Online.

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the scene of the crime

USA's Flag Northern California, USA
Dr. Gunnar Maelstrom escapes from prison.
England's Flag Liverpool, England
Late August 1985. At the University of Liverpool, the Carpathia's logbook is stolen by Maelstrom.
Australia's Flag Sydney, Australia
1985, the underwater robot camera, Jason Junior, is stolen by Maelstrom.
Atlantic Ocean North Atlantic Ocean
August 31 1985, Maelstrom attempts to steal the Titanic but is stopped by detective Carmen Sandiego and the Chief.
Belize's Flag Belize
Maelstrom captures Acme detectives Zack and Ivy.

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