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just like old times
Written by: David Ehrman

It's the holidays and Carmen Sandiego is lonely. She wants things to be the way they were before she became a thief, just for a little while. Carmen steals the Chief from Acme's computer so the two can spend Christmas together like they did when she was a detective. Carmen doesn't know the Chief has come down with a computer virus and his memory begins to fade. The Chief doesn't remember Carmen left Acme to become a thief and soon it really is just like old times. Zack and Ivy leave Carmen clues, daring her to steal Christmas related items so they can find a way of getting the Chief back before his memory is completely erased.

I thought this episode was cute. Carmen is hilarious in this one. Her concern and panic over his memory loss was touching. Is it just me or does Carmen seen to be a hopeless klutz in this episode? She kind of stumbles from Acme trap to Acme trap. I found it quite amusing.

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Christmas at Acme
thumbnail--click me! Acme shuts down for the holidays.

Carmen in a red snowsuit
thumbnail--click me! She also wears it in "Shaman Spirits" and "The Tigress"

Zack's Self-Help Tape
thumbnail--click me! thumbnail--click me! Zack can't skate so he bought a tape and listened to it all night while he slept. It tells him : "You are an ice champion. All blades and brawn. You have inner skating abilities others only dream of. When you wake-up you will show the world your triple lutz." At least he makes his sister laugh...

thumbnail--click me! Carmen's computer expert in this episode. He helps her steal the Chief.

Lars and Moe
thumbnail--click me! Henchmen Lars and Moe. They can also be seen in "Trick or Treat".

Christmas in Sweden
thumbnail--click me! Carmen spent a Christmas in Sweden with the Chief. She solved a big jewel theft case then took in the sites.

thumbnail--click me! Acme detective from Argentina. Also appears in "The Good Old, Bad Old Days" and "Can You Ever Go Home Again? Part 2"

Reggis and Barrow
thumbnail--click me! London's first Acme team, Reggis and Barrow. Carmen runs into them at the British Museum while trying to steal a signed copy of Handel's "Messiah".

"The only Carmen you'll catch is this one. Merry Christmas."
thumbnail--click me! Carmen gives the Acme detectives a Christmas gift...
Carmen Dolls™

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the scene of the crime

Greenland's Flag Greenland
Carmen Sandiego tampers with a Satellite relay tower on December 24.
England's Flag London, England, UK
A signed copy of Handel's "Messiah" stolen by Carmen Sandiego from the British Museum on December 24.
Italy's Flag Rome, Italy
A cannon is stolen from the Castel Sant'Angelo by Carmen Sandiego and her henchmen on December 25.
USA's Flag New York, New York, USA
The Rockefeller Center Christmas tree is stolen by Carmen Sandiego and her henchmen on December 25.
Location Unknown Location Unknown
At Carmen Sandiego's hideout, VILE henchmen Lars, Moe, and Manny captured. Items recovered.

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