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 the quotes dinosaur delirium
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Written by: Thomas Peroutka and David Ehrman

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Carmen wows us with her Spanish.

Guard: "Parece que tiene problema, señorita. Estoy seguro que los podemos ayudar. [?] una llanta punchada"
Carmen: "Hay no sé cómo [?] esto a pasar."

Guard: "Looks like you're having trouble, ma'am. I'm sure we can help. That's a pretty bad puncture."
Carmen: "I don't know how this happened."

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Carmen taunts the Player.

Carmen: "Sorry you weren't in on all the fun, Player."
Player: "The fun's just begun, Carmen. I know I can catch you this time."
Carmen: "Not if I gave you a 200 million year head start."

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Zack complains.

Zack: "Ivy, I don't think I'm having fun yet."

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A Carmen Clue.

Carmen: "Follow Hillary's route to the Hill. Follow Hillary's route to the Hill."

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Zack and Ivy figure out Carmen's plan.

Zack: "Ivy, we're talking about making a dinosaur. No one can really do that."
Ivy: "You know it and I know it but that doesn't mean Carmen might not try it Zack."

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Carmen waits for the detectives in the museum.

Carmen: "Well, well. What took you?"
Ivy: "Huh?"
Carmen: "I would have been crushed if you'd miss my greatest theft ever. With everything I've stolen I'm going to have my own dinosaur."
Ivy: "No one can do that."
Carmen: "No one but Carmen Sandiego."

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Carmen tells henchman to make a dinosaur.

Carmen: "Do it. Please."

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Carmen, irritated that Zack and Ivy are there.

Carmen: "I leave you clues to even the odds a little detectives but this time your presence was not requested."

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Carmen caught?

Ivy: "Give up Carmen. We've got you."
Carmen: "Correction, I've got you."

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The one that got away.

Zack: "I thought we had her for sure this time Ivy."
Ivy: "Maybe next time little bro, but meanwhile look at the bright side. We got everything back and hey, we didn't get eaten."

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The Player and Carmen.

Player: "Carmen, you never could have made a dinosaur."
Carmen: "You never know what you can do unless you try, Player. That's why you always come after me... when you know you'll never catch me. See you next crime."

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until next crime
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