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 the quotes a date with carmen part 2
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Written by: David Bennett Carren & J. Larry Carroll

In this incredibly long quote, Zack and Ivy recap everything (and I mean everything) that happened in "A Date With Carmen Part 1".

Ivy: "In our last episode, Carmen Sandiego broke into a top secret Russian lab."

[From Part 1 Carmen breaks into the lab.]
Carmen: "Timing is everything."
Computer: "You have ten seconds, Carmen."
Zack: "And made a clean getaway with everything she needed to build her own time machine."
Ivy: "Which was all part of Carmen's greatest plot ever: to travel back in history and steal things that no longer exist."
[Paul Revere's Liberty Bowl vanishes.]
Someone says: "Whoa! It disappeared!"
Ivy: "But that began to change history."

[Zack and Ivy chase Sara Bellum over Boston.]
Zack: "What the heck's that flag on the state house?"
Ivy: "It's the Queen of England's royal standard."
Zack: "Yeah. Like the United States never became the United States and stayed part of the British Empire."
[At Fenway Park the Chief slowly becomes British.]
The Chief: "I just can't seem to control this balley accent slipping all over the place. I'll do a systems check. Back after these messages...tally-ho! Sorry.
Ivy: "So while the Chief started talking like Sting..."
Zack: "We used Acme's very own time-hopping gizmo, the chrono-skimmer, to zip through the ages and try to straighten everything out."
[The detectives' first attempt at traveling through time.]
Ivy: "The chrono-skimmer works! We've gone back in time, Zack!"
Red coat: "Colonial rebels! Seize them!"
Zack: "I don't believe this!"
Ivy: "Run!"
Zack: "First we found out Paul Revere, who was supposed to be a humongous hero..."
Ivy: "Was now, thanks to Carmen's interference, a total outcast!"
[The Colonists yell at Paul Revere.]
Woman in window: "Traitor!"
Man in window: "We trusted you! It was your responsibility to warn us the British were coming!"
Zack: "Carmen had somehow kept Paul Revere from making his midnight ride."
[Paul Revere tries to explain.]
Woman in window: "And you fell off your horse!"
Paul Revere: "I've told it neighbors, my horse stumbled and I with him. I could not warn the colonists as I promised."
Zack: "And that changed the course of the American Revolution."
Ivy: "But Carmen wasn't finished. She time traveled back even further in history, crashing the Boston Tea Party."
[Carmen steals the ships containing the tea.]
Man dressed as Indian: "Look, there's a red coat aboard!"
Zack: "That's no red coat!"
Ivy: "That's Carmen Sandiego!"
Ivy: "Then Carmen headed to Philadelphia..."
Zack: "Just as Ben Franklin began his famous experiment..."
Ivy: "And stole the key right off his kite!"
[Carmen snatches the key.]
Ben Franklin: "Woman! I say, what's the meaning of this?"
Ivy: "All modern technology started fading away including Acme's mainframe."
[The Chief fades away.]
The Chief: "Alarm! Alarm! System... Warning Will Robinson! System... Failure!"
Ivy: "And now if we don't get that key back from Carmen..."
Zack: "We'll be trapped in history forever!"

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On horseback, Ivy and Zack chase Carmen after she stole Ben's key.

Ivy: "She's all yours, Zack!"
Zack: "Who, Carmen?"
Ivy: "No, the horse!"

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They get the key back but the Chief still talks with an accent and Carmen gets her time traveling car back.

Zack: "But it looks like the good old U.S. of A. is still very, very British."
Ivy: "And it looks like Carmen is back in the time traveling business."

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Carmen the Conqueror.

Carmen: "Remember no matter how hard you try detectives, time conquers all but Carmen conquers time."

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Zack falls and Ivy catches him as they try to stop the henchmen from stealing the tea.

Ivy: "Could you possibly make a little more noise?"

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Ivy and Zack stop Carmen from stealing the tea by releasing the rockets a little early.

Zack: "Time to rock and roll."
      [He rolls a barrel into Al and Pearl]
Ivy: "Correction Zack, it's time to rocket and roll."

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A Carmen Clue.

Carmen: "Well done, detectives. That's one for you. Maybe I'll give you a ring sometime and we'll play again."

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Zack and Ivy find Carmen at the Bell Foundry.

Zack: "Any ideas?"
Ivy: "Well, like I always say, when push comes to shove...shove hard!"

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A time traveling Carmen Sandiego is a very dangerous thing. Very cool, but very dangerous.

Carmen: "No matter, detectives. While you're hanging around here forever...I'll just go through time and steal the horseshoe all over again."

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Zack complains about something...

Zack: "Carmen's right. Now we're stuck in eighteenth century London. No pizza, no videos. What am I talking about? There's not even tv!"

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Ivy roughed up Pearl and Al, Carmen makes a run for it.

Carmen: "I agree, Ivy. Good work. You beat me this time, but then I have lots of time. All the time in the world."
Zack: "Hey!"
Ivy: "No you don't!"
Carmen: "As you said earlier...want to bet?"

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Catching up to Paul Revere, and trying to return his horseshoe.

Ivy: "Let's saddle up, partner."
Zack: "I hate the way you drive these things!"
Ivy: "There he is!"
      [Paul falls off his horse.]
Zack: "And there he goes!"

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Zack tries to calm Paul Revere down after he falls off his horse.

Zack: "Hey, easy there Paul. That was some header."

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Zack re-shoes Paul Revere's horse...sortta.

Zack: "Trust me horsie. I know what I'm doing...sortta."

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Someone stole the chrono-skimmer.

Zack: "Ivy, the chrono-skimmer! It's gone!"
Ivy: "Uh oh. I have a real bad feeling about this."

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Carmen and the Player..

Player: "My detectives closed the door to the past, Carmen. You'll never leave the present time again."
Carmen: "Never say never, Player. See you next crime...and maybe in another time."

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until next crime
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