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 the quotes the good old, bad old days
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Written by: Cydne Clark & Steve Granat

A low-tech challenge.

Carmen: " I could have taken anything I wanted. But I faced the ultimate high-tech challenge and defeated it, Player. That's what's important."
Player: "Anyone who had all your high-tech gadgets could have done the same."
Carmen: " I am the greatest thief in the world, with or without them. And I can prove it."

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Mi Caballo Blanco.

[Mechanical bird sings]
Zack: "Hey, I know that tune. It's 'Mi Caballo Blanco'."
Ivy: "What's that mean?"
Zack: "It's a Spanish cowboy song. It means 'My White Horse'."

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Ivy and Zack plan their next move.

Ivy: "What do you want to bet that's a Carmen clue and she's heading to Spain right now?"
Zack: "Oh, perfect. Spain is only about 195,000 square miles. She ought to be easy to find. We'll stand on a chair."

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Zack jumps to conclusions.

Zack: "Could it be we've gone back to the year 1881?"
Actor: "No! Get out of the way, the show's about to start!"
Zack: "Ah, right. We're outta here."
Actor: "Everybody wants to get into the act."

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Carmen the desperado holds up the actors, then steals their "duds".

Carmen: "Drop 'em real slow partners."

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A Carmen Clue.

Carmen: "Ciao detectives!"

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Chasing Carmen.

Zack: "Slow down! I've just lost all my fillings!"
Armando: "This stagecoach is an antique. It wasn't built for warp speed."

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Rule #1: Never turn you back on Carmen Sandiego.
Ivy corners Carmen on the Orient Express.

Carmen: "Welcome Ivy."
Ivy: "Huh?"
Carmen: "I planned the perfect old fashioned robbery using items I stole from around the world, and without using a single one of my high-tech devices."
Ivy: "The party's over, Carmen."
Carmen: "Sarsaparilla?"
Ivy: "What?"
  [Zack enters]
Zack: "Armando just busted your engineer. And your other henchmen are a little tied up at the moment too."
Carmen: "Well, every step of the way I did manage to prove my point, detectives."
  [Armando enters]
Armando: "Ivy! Everything's under control. You should have seen me and Zack in action. Did you find Carmen?"
Ivy: "What do you mean? She's right...huh? She's getting away! C'mon!"

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Carmen escapes again.

Carmen: "Adiós amigos! I'm afraid it's time for me to ride off into the sunset."
Armando: "I radioed the station to pick-up the passengers. As soon as Carmen gets to that point they'll nab her."
Zack: "I wouldn't count on it Armando."
Ivy: "Planning the ultimate low-tech Western robbery just for the challenge of it is one thing, but Carmen Sandiego would never get caught without an ace up her sleeve".

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Carmen and the Player.

Player: "You accepted my challenge to try a low tech crime, Carmen."
Carmen: "And you did catch up with me, Player, but you didn't catch me. Adiós amigo, until next crime."

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until next crime
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