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Carmen in 'Retribution Part 2: In Memoriam'

the quotes

Here's a bunch of links to just the quote pages. I'm 90% sure about these quotes. Sometimes during the long trip from the ear to the brain to the hand... words get lost or magically morph into something completely different. If ya see any errors e-mail me and tell me how dumb I am.

the stolen smile
Carmen: "Now I will unveil my masterpiece for you, and then I'll keep it forever in my private art museum."

a higher calling
Ivy: "You think Carmen is trying to make contact with an extraterrestrial?"

Zack: "If she succeeded wouldn't that be the coolest thing ever?"

Ivy: "Well, yeah, if she weren't stealing to do it."

dinosaur delirium
Zack: "Ivy, we're talking about making a dinosaur. No one can really do that."

Ivy: "You know it and I know it but that doesn't mean Carmen might not try it Zack."

by a whisker
Player: "I thought you were finished for sure, Carmen."

Carmen: "Cat's don't have nine lives, the way people say... but I do, Player."

the good old, bad old days
Carmen: "I could have taken anything I wanted. But I faced the ultimate high-tech challenge and defeated it, Player. That's what's important."

Player: "Anyone who had all your high-tech gadgets could have done the same."

Carmen: "I am the greatest thief in the world, with or without them. And I can prove it."

rules of the game
Player: "This time I'm coming out ahead, Carmen."

Carmen: "It's not whether you win or lose the game, Player, but how much fun you can make it for me while we play. I have the statue, now it's your move."

split up
Carmen: "Au revoir. It was a nice try detectives but face it, both of you together are no match for the greatest thief of all time."

Neil Armstrong: "That's one small step for man..."

Carmen: "...and one giant leap for Carmen Sandiego."

the play's the thing
Zack: "She won't be satisfied until she reveals who she really is and gets the applause for her little stunt."

Carmen: "Now, to show them all that being the world's greatest thief sometimes takes being the world's greatest actress."

"music to my ears"
Carmen: "I am here to announce the greatest musical theft in history. Anyone could steal a Stradivarius, but only Carmen Sandiego can steal what makes it worth listening to... talent."

a date with carmen part 1
Ivy: "The chrono-skimmer works! We've gone back in time, Zack!"

Zack: "This is really Boston, 1775?"

Ivy: "Huh?"

Red Coat: "Colonial rebels! Seize them!"

Ivy: "Run! Well, believe it little bro. We're about to join the American Revolution."

a date with carmen part 2
Carmen: "Remember no mater how hard you try detectives, time conquers all but Carmen conquers time."

"chapter and verse"
Zack: "What's with the writers? First Hans Christian Anderson and now Charles Dickens."

Ivy: "Maybe Carmen's joined the steal-a-literary-classic-of-the-month club."

skull and double-crossbones
Rip Shipoff: "Blasted, you young milk-gaggers!"

Ivy: "What's Carmen doing with the cannons and pirate ship?"

Rip Shipoff: "She's pulling off a robbery. The likes of which you'll never figure out you long haired chum."

Parrot: "Macaw! Macaw!"

Rip Shipoff: "Shut your blabbering gob, you. You'll give Carmen away!"

Parrot: "Macaw! Greatest pirate in history!"

scavenger hunt
Carmen: "Excuse me, maybe you can help. I'm looking for a special gift. Never mind, I'll find it myself."

hot ice
Chief: "Zack, it's way past your... whoa! Wait a minute! You're not Zack!"

Carmen: "Thanks for noticing, Chief."

Chief: "You're coming back to work for Acme? Yes! I say yes! Carmen has been healed. She is coming back to the side of good, good, good."

Carmen: "Now you're dreaming."

all for one
Ivy: "Okay, but if Carmen's trying to teach her team how to work together, how does Hammurabi's code fit in?"

Zack: "It's a reminder of how people have always followed laws to get along together, and Carmen's word is her henchmen's law."

when it rains
Sara Bellum: "The beauty of it is if anything goes wrong you'll be the one taking all the blame, Carmen. But if I succeed then I'll reveal to the world that I did it and the police will find you here happy to lock you away for all your past oh-so-petty crimes. Where on Earth is Sara Bellum? Has a nice ring to it, don't you think?"

déjà vu
Suhara: "She was my most brilliant student. Perhaps I did not provide her with enough challenges."

Ivy: "It's not your fault she turned out to be such a weak link, Suhara. With her abilities she could have been the greatest detective of all time. Instead, she chose to waste everything she had on a life of crime. Don't blame yourself."

boyhood's end part 1
Lee: "So, you came looking for a masterpiece tonight, Carmen?"

Carmen: "Oh, I've got the masterpiece. But actually, I'm more interested in a work in progress."

Lee: "What's that mean?"

Carmen: "I think you already know, don't you Lee?"

boyhood's end part 2
Lee: "I've done what no other detective has ever been able to do, and I've done it twice."

Carmen: "Great minds have always needed challenges. Picasso, Alexander the Great. What's left if you've caught the greatest thief of all time?"

Lee: "I didn't come all this way to arrest you, Carmen. I came to join you."

Carmen: "I knew you'd be the one who would see the challenges in planning the world's ultimate thefts."

the tigress
Player: "Looks like you have some clever competition, Carmen"

Carmen: "Well, a certain philosopher once said, 'Competition can make you stronger,' Player."

Player: "Which philosopher said that?"

Carmen: "Me."

the remnants
Zack: "Carmen was an orphan?"

Chief: "Yep, the only home that she knew was this place until I gave her a home at Acme."

Ivy: "Zack, if Carmen's following the "Oz" story line like all her thefts indicate, she's bound to wind up at her home in the end."

curses, foiled again
Carmen: "Hannah, haven't you learned anything from the items we've stolen tonight? I'm trying to show you that you're superstitions are a stumbling block. Have faith in your talent, not your fear. We've stolen these supposedly cursed items and we still haven't been caught, have we?"

Hannah Lulu: "I guess you're right. Oh, did you hear that?"

Carmen: "Oh, there you go again."

birds of a feather
Carmen: "No one double-crosses me!"

Ivy: "What is she doing up there?"

Zack: "I'd say she's bird watching."

"follow my footprints"
Carmen: "Hello, detectives. If you're closing my file, I guess something unforeseen must have happened to me."

Zack: "She somehow broke the cancel code, so if we ever closed her file it would activate a hidden message."

Carmen: "What will you do, detectives, now that I'm gone? I guess that means you were the best after all... or, does it? Even though I won't be there to pull it off myself, I do have one last big crime to remember me by. The clock is ticking."

Ivy: "Three clues to Carmen's final caper."

labyrinth part 1
Computer: "Alert! Alert! Security breach in level two!"

Carmen: "Impossible! There's no one at the two. Well, well. Let's find out how smart you really are. I have a test you'll never pass."

labyrinth part 2: woman of the year 2101
Reporter: "We interrupt this commercial message to bring you an important global news update. Tonight, at a top secret United Nations facility in Central America, one heroic world citizen stopped what could have been the biggest theft of the 22nd century."

Zack: "Ivy, Carmen must be involved!"

Carmen: "I'm just glad I could help. Any good citizen would have done the same, I'm sure."

Zack: "She's here!"

Ivy: "And she's a heroine?!"

"labyrinth part 3: when in rome"
Ivy: "Carmen's bringing something in on the elephants."

Zack: "But if she wants to show she's the greatest thief of all time, you can bet she'll make her move tomorrow when she's got a full house here in the Colosseum."

Ivy: "Yeah, and we'll be a little too busy fighting for our lives to be able to stop her."

just like old times
Carmen: "Manny, do something! The Chief's losing it completely!"

Manny: "I'm trying, Carmen. I'm trying."

Carmen: "If you lose him he'll be gone forever and that's not what I wanted for a Christmas surprise, Manny! Fix it, please."

the trial of carmen sandiego
Carmen: "I never stole the Magna Carta, your honor. That's why I asked you to bring Zack and Ivy here. They have evidence that will prove my innocence."

Zack and Ivy: "What!?"

trick or treat
Zack: "Huh?"

Ivy: "Well done, Super Chicken!"

Carmen: "Trick or treat detectives. This time, the trick is on you."

retribution 1: unsinkable carmen sandiego
Maelstrom: "Oh, you're a fool if you believe the reason you hunt me is to see me stopped, Carmen. We both live for the game. We're two sides of the same coin, you and I."

Carmen: "No! Never!"

Maelstrom: "Only I'm willing to admit that the art of the theft is what compels me."

Carmen: "All that compels you is greed."

Maelstrom: "That lofty moral superiority of yours will someday crumble like the Walls of Jericho, and you will see, what I see in you."

retribution part 2: in memoriam
Zack: "You know, we have a madman stalking Carmen and she doesn't even know he's alive."

Ivy: "Yeah, that worries me too. He seems to know her inside out."

retribution part 3: maelstrom's revenge
Maelstrom: "Ah! There's the difference between us, Carmen. You spend so much time with your precious little plans, trying to make tidy entrances and exits, that you forget why we are really thieves in the first place... to take what others have, period. End of career description."

Carmen: "Wrong! I do it for the mental gymnastics, the challenge of..."

Maelstrom: "Oh spare me the twisted philosophies Carmen. You've got a serious problem, you know that? And the sooner you realize you are no better than anyone else who steals, for fun or profit, the better off we'll all be."

timing is everything
Zack: "And what's the plan?"

Carmen: "Plan? Well, I have to plan on getting caught. I almost always get caught."

Zack: "Man! She is gonna really need our help if she's going to build up her confidence enough to ever take over V.I.L.E. again, Ivy."

can you ever go home again? part 1
Carmen: "I've had it for as long as I can remember. The director of the orphanage where I grew up says I was wearing it when a policeman found me, wandering the streets in San Francisco. I was two years old at the time, and I have no memory of my mother and father. But is it possible I somehow escaped the fire that night...and you are my father?"

Malcolm Avalon: "If my daughter had lived, she would have grown up smart and brave! Never a thief and coward who runs from the law like you! I don't know where you got this but you never got it from me!"

can you ever go home again? part 2
Lee Jordan: "We're about to break the billion dollar mark in items Carmen has stolen for me. That money will allow us to outfit a team of super crooks no law enforcement agency in the world can stop. Then you can say good-bye to your daughter Avalon. If indeed she really is your daughter...once and for all."

until next crime
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