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Zack and Carmen in 'Trick or Treat'


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rate the episodes

*rate the episodes you have seen on a scale from 1 - 10
10 - is the highest [absolute perfection] while 1 - is the lowest [not even fit to be a "Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?" episode]

*vote for the episodes you have watched
you can always come back later when you have seen more and vote again. you can even change your vote.

*then choose your favorite and least favorite episodes
choose 1 from the list and if you want... explain why it's your fave.

*can't remeber what episode was what?
click on the link and view the info pages on the episodes I have seen. remember to hit the "back" button on your browser when you are done to come back here and finish voting.

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season 1
"the stolen smile"
"a higher calling"
"dinosaur delirium"
"by a whisker"
"the good old, bad old days"
"rules of the game"
"split up"
"the play's the thing"
"music to my ears"
"a date with carmen part 1"
"a date with carmen part 2"
"chapter and verse"

season 2

"skull and double-crossbones"
"scavenger hunt"
"hot ice"
"all for one"
"when it rains"
"deja vu"
"boyhood's end 1"
"boyhood's end 2"

season 3
"the tigress"
"the remnants"
"curses, foiled again"
"birds of a feather"
"shaman spirits"
"follow my footprints"
"labyrinth part 1"
"labyrinth part 2: woman of the year 2101"
"labyrinth part 3: when in rome"
"just like old times"

season 4
"the trial of carmen sandiego"
"trick or treat"
"retribution 1: unsinkable carmen sandiego"
"retribution 2: in memoriam"
"retribution 3: maelstrom's revenge"
"timing is everything"
"can you ever go home again? part 1"
"can you ever go home again? part 2"
has not aired in the u.s. yet:
"cupid sandiego"

choose your favorite episode:
choose your least favorite episode:

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