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 the quotes when it rains
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Written by: Sam Graham and Chris Hubbell

The Player and... the Player?

Player: "The Spruce Goose. Thinking big again, huh, Carmen? Carmen? Are you there, Carmen? Carmen?"

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I can't figure this one out too.

Chief: "Kids you are going to love France more than France loves Jerry Lewis. Whoa! But I'm the... lady! Yeah, but... whoa! I still can't figure what the French see in him. "

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So, he saw Meatloaf, huh?

Zack: "Whoa, it's kind of like seeing Meatloaf in concert, huh, Ivy?"
Ivy: "Zack, how could you possible find any similarity between a rock star like Meatloaf and this solar furnace?"
Zack: "Well, they're both bigger than I ever imagined when I finally got to see them in person."

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A clue.

Ivy: "Zack look! A Carmen Clue."
Zack: "Whoa, now I know she's loosing it, Chief. This is just a big x-marks-the-spot."
Chief: "What? Carmen's clues are never that easy! Duh!"

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Talking to Ira in Brazil.

Zack: "Look Ivy, I'll handle this, okay? I'll go toe-to-toe with him. My wit against his. You know, like Sherlock Holmes. Yeah, you might as well get a little shut-eye. Ira and I are probably going to wit and parry all night long before I get him to crack. [English accent] Now, it's elementary, my dear fellow, that you are working for one Carmen Sandiego and..."
Ira Gation: "She went to Chile. The Le Paige Museum in San Pedro de Atacama. What more do you want from me?"
Ivy: "Wow, nice work, Zack. You broke him down in record time using... what? Just a bad English accent?"

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If you thought having one Carmen was bad...

Counterfeit Carmen [Sara]: "You bit the bait hook-line-and-sinker, detectives. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!"
Ivy: "Whatever you're up to, Carmen, we'll figure it out and stop you!"
Carmen: "And I'll help you."
Zack: "What?"
Ivy: "Two Carmens?"

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Ah, the Carmen Sandiego Admiration Society...

Ivy: "We knew there was something weird about this case from the beginning. The real Carmen would never have trashed that airport to steal the Spruce Goose."
Counterfeit Carmen [Sara]: "I hate to break up this meeting of the Carmen Sandiego Admiration Society, but I'll be the one collecting all the kudos as soon as the sun comes up."
     [Sara takes off her disguise]
Ivy: "Sara Bellum?"
Zack: "But you work for Carmen! You make all her high-tech gadgets."
Sara Bellum: "Well, I got a little tiered of being Carmen's main brain all right, Zackary? Nice Jacket."
     [Sara pulls his shirt over his head]
Zack: "Hey!"
Sara: "Maybe I'll get one!"
Zack: "You get the feeling maybe Sara's finally gone one glazed doughnut short of a dozen?"

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Insults by Sara™

Zack: "You're going to grow a tropical rainforest in the desert? Why?"
Sara Bellum: "You know for a kid genius, Zack, you sure are dumb as a wall."

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Why dress-up as Carmen? Why not?

Sara Bellum: "The beauty of it is if anything goes wrong you'll be the one taking all the blame, Carmen. But if I succeed then I'll reveal to the world that I did it and the police will find you here happy to lock you away for all your past oh-so-petty crimes. Where on Earth is Sara Bellum? Has a nice ring to it, don't you think?"

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Gotta be the shoes.

Carmen: "Catch, Ivy!"
Ivy: "Huh? Thanks but pumps aren't my style, Carmen."
Carmen: "Push the micro-switch on the side of the heel."
Ivy: "Well, what do you know..."

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If I had a dollar for every time they said this...

Ivy: "She got away! We had her! Ugh! We had her and we lost her!"
Zack: "Forget her for now, Ivy! We've got a certified wacko to take care of."

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Long quote, great scene.

Sara Bellum: "Stop them, men!"
Zack: "Ah!"
Ivy: "Huh!"
Carmen: "Stop her, men!"
Henchman: "Huh? Which one is Carmen?"
Ivy: "Huh?"
Sara Bellum: "She's an imposter!"
Carmen: "Ah! You should know the real Carmen."
Zack: [English accent] "Wait, wait, wait. It's a simple deduction, really my dear ladies. The real Carmen is only wearing one shoe."
Ivy: "Now what, Sherlock? Carmen's shoe? You kept her shoe?"
Zack: [English accent] "Now, the game is afoot, and this is a shoe, and I with my superior powers of dedcutive logic have fashioned a test by which..."
Ivy: "Well, we haven't got all week. Give me that. Catch! You loose Sara!"
Sara Bellum: "Huh!"
Ivy: "I've got her!"
Zack: "Way to go, Ivy!"
Carmen: "Bravo, detectives. Now I know why it's always so much fun keeping one step ahead of you."
Zack: "What did you come back for, Carmen? You could have just kept going when we freed you from the museum."
Carmen: "Every good detective needs a back-up, Zack. Bye, Sara!"

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The Player and Carmen.

Carmen: "The worst part about being really good at something, Player, is someone's always coming along trying to prove they're better at what you do."
Player: "Oh, can't handle the competition, Carmen?"
Carmen: "Competition's fine, but I'd rather someone showed me something they were good at. They I'd really learn something, wouldn't I?"

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