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 the quotes can you ever go home again? part 2
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Written by: David Ehrman

The Chief recaps what happened in Part 1.

Chief: "Attention, Acme agents. You know Carmen cases are always immense, huge, gigundo. But her latest caper is so big we had to file it under: 'Duck! It's coming towards us!' Last time, Carmen broke into the home of millionaire Malcolm Avalon where she accidentally discovered an exact duplicate of a picture she'd always thought was her mother. Could she have found her long lost family? Then, wonder of wonders, she went off and stole all the information catalogued under the letter 'A' in the Library of Congress. But Ivy deduced..."

[From Part 1 Ivy and Zack by the Golden Gate Bridge.]
Ivy: "Think she stopped here last night because she was taking another trip down memory lane?"
Zack: "Player, C-5 us to Malcolm Avalon's estate in Argentina. Carmen did a little research and she may go back for what she missed last night."
[From Part 1 Carmen confronts Avalon.]
Avalon: "If my daughter had lived, she would have grown up smart and brave. Never a thief and coward who runs from the law like you. I don't know where you got this but you never got it from me!"
Chief: "Discouraged dads and delinquent daughters on the next 'Oprah'. So Zack and Ivy chased Carmen off before she had a chance to reconcile and almost lost their own lives in the bargain. However, their doggone, dogged clue dogging paid off in a big doggone way when they finally captured Carmen during one of her all-time biggest heists, attempting to steal the mother of all statues, the Motherland statue in Volgograd, Russia."
[From Part 1 Zack excited after he sees Ivy has Carmen.]
Zack: "We did it, sis!"
Chief: "But just when you thought it was safe to take a Mother's Day off...along comes ex-Acme hotshot gone bad Lee Jordan who kidnaped Carmen's father. Woo stay with me now. This case has got more twists then a 60s dance contest. When Carmen fled custody the stage was set for a major showdown in Switzerland."
[From Part 1 Lee Jordan has Avalon.]
Lee Jordan: "You are going to use your great thieving skills to steal me anything I want in the world. Or you'll never see daddy again"
Chief: "Let's get ready to rumble!"

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Lee Jordan gives Carmen his 'to steal' list. Zack and Ivy arrive.

Lee: "Here's a list of everything I want. Don't disappoint me"
Carmen: "If anything happens to Avalon I'll hunt you down like the animal you've become, Lee."
Lee: "Well, well...if it isn't an Acme reunion. Allow me to supply the liquid refreshments."

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Zack follows his sister.

Zack: "Uh-oh. I was absent the day we did tree-jumping at the training academy."

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Zack and Ivy chase Carmen.

Zack: "At this rate we won't catch her unless she runs out of gas."
Ivy: "Which we might just be able to arrange, little bro."
Zack: "Whoa! Whoa, sis. If you think I'm cable climbing up to syphon her tank, you're nuts."
Ivy: "No need, Zackerooski. There's an automatic syphon called 'gravity'"
Carmen: "Huh? What? Desperate times call for desperate measures, eh, detectives."

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Carmen escapes.

Carmen: "It was a smart move but not smart enough, detectives. Concentrate on the clue and we'll meet again soon."

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Ivy reads Carmen's clue.

Ivy: "Don't go looking inside your country. Its name is something not allowed."

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Zack and Ivy meet up with Tatyana in Washington D.C.

Tatyana: "Ivy! I've now spotted at least twenty of Carmen's henchmen in the area."
Zack: "Any sign of the lady in red herself?"
Tatyana: "She arrived and they all split up in different directions."
Ivy: "Hop in. We're about to get an American eagle-eye view from the top of the Washington Monument."
Zack: "Uh, Ivy? Couldn't we just take the stairs instead?"
Ivy: "Not when the windows are 555 feet up, little bro."

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Ivy wonders what Carmen is up to while the C-5 car is on the Monument.

Ivy: "What could Carmen be after that would take this much muscle?"
Zack: "Uh, please don't let it be the Washington Monument while we're on it!"

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Zack played with Carmen's motorcycle.

Zack: "You've been unplugged, Carmen."
Carmen: "You! What are you doing here? The clue I gave you wasn't for this crime."
Zack: "Ha! We know."
Carmen: "We?"
Zack: "Now, Ivy!"

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A TV reporter tells us what Carmen has been up to.

Reporter: "Over the last 72 hours, Carmen Sandiego and her VILE henchmen have perpetuated a series of thefts unparalleled in the annals of crime. After getting away with the Hope Diamond in Washington D.C., she proceeded to London, England and stole the British Crown Jewels from the Tower of London. Then, it was on to Tokyo, Japan to abscond with a priceless samurai sword. Next stop, Los Angeles, California where she stole the most valuable baseball card in the world. Then in Paris, France Carmen fled with Leonardo da Vinci's famous painting, the Mona Lisa. These, along with a dozen simultaneous heists carried out by her henchmen, have world officials estimating Carmen's thefts to be totaling close to 700 million dollars in losses. What will she go after next? And who can stop this one woman crime wave?"

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Lee Jordan enjoys watching Carmen's crime wave on tv.

Lee: "Stop her? Ha ha ha. The 'Lee Jordan Home Shopping Channel' has just begun!"

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Lee Jordan's plan.

Lee Jordan: "We're about to break the billion dollar mark in items Carmen has stolen for me. That money will allow us to outfit a team of super crooks no law enforcement agency in the world can stop. Then you can say good-bye to your daughter Avalon. If indeed she really is your daughter...once and for all."

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Carmen has done everything Lee has asked but he wants more.

Carmen: "Lee Jordan!"
Lee Jordan: "So, you've finished my list, Carmen. Bravo."
Carmen: "Now release my father!"
Lee Jordan: "Nope, not just yet. I still have one more job for you. Something you should find challenging. Destroy Zack, Ivy, and the entire Acme Detective Agency once and for all."
Zack: "What!?"
Ivy: "Zack!?"
Carmen: "Never!"
Lee Jordan: "Then you'll never see your father."

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Carmen and Lee clash.

Carmen: "You know how I despise weapons, Lee. Afraid you can't defeat me with your wits?"
Lee Jordan: "I'll win anyway I can."

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Lee attacks Carmen & Co. on the roof.

Lee Jordan: "Heads up, Carmen! Say hello to the new king of crime. 'Where in the world is Lee Jordan?' Has a nice ring to it don't you think? I do."

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An emotional Carmen cradles Avalon after he falls off the roof.

Carmen: "I'm sorry...I'm so sorry."
Avalon: "Who...are you?"

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The Chief, Zack and Ivy talk about the case.

Chief: "Well, the doctor says he'll be fine but the amnesia he suffered from the fall wiped out selected parts of his memory."
Zack: "Like everything that happened on the case, huh?"
Ivy: "Well, I doubt Carmen will ever try to get close enough to him again to find out what he really does remember about her. If he really is her father, after all."

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The Player asks Carmen about Avalon.

Player: "So, I guess you'll never know for sure if Avalon's your father or not, huh, Carmen?"
Carmen: "Don't be so sure, Player...I have my ways."

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Carmen undergoes a little hypnotherapy while the credits roll.

Henchman: "Go way back to your childhood. Try to remember who gave you this locket. Was it your father? Your mother?"
Carmen: "No one is giving me the locket. I'm finding it on the ground."
Henchman: "So, Avalon isn't your father then."
Carmen: "But wait. If I'm picking it up because I dropped it running from the fire Avalon could still be my father. Huh, but maybe there are just some things we are not meant to know for sure."

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until next crime
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