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 the quotes labyrinth part 3: when in rome
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Written by: Doug Molitor

The Chief recaps what happened in Labyrinth Part 2.

Chief: "Okay, listen up gumshoes! We've got big, big trouble in the time zone. Zack and Ivy chrono-skimmed to the future where they found Carmen was a world heroine, and they were wanted by the police. But, true to form, Carmen went on to pilfer the world's most powerful electromagnet. Very attractive. Then, stashed it with the stolen bust of Roman leader Marcus Aurelius and vanished somewhere in time. Now, Zack and Ivy found themselves behind bars. Now let's chrono-skim into the time zone and stop Carmen Sandiego."

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The Chief was a little worried about not hearing from the detectives.

Ivy: "Am I glad to see you."
Carmen: "Where in time have you two been? You never call, you never write. Dinner got cold. Then it decomposed."

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The detectives seem to be mistaken for witches a lot when they time travel. This time it's 218 B.C., the Alps.

Zack: "Quick, set the translata-scan on the chrono-skimmer so we can talk our way out of this. Or at least hear how he's going to do us in."
Hannibal: "Who are you witches? Do what is done to their kind!"

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Carmen gives them a Roman coin and says...

Carmen: "You'll want a ringside seat for my next theft, detectives. Carpe Diem."

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Ivy is 5'9" according to the scan done in "Hot Ice" which is taller than the Romans of 176 A.D.

Ivy: "And I feel like Dorothy in Munchkinland."
Zack: "Looks like most people around this time didn't run much taller than 5 feet. Get used to a lot of stares."

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Zack and Ivy are captured and sent to the Roman Colosseum.

Zack: "Looks like we got off easy, Ive. We're going to the games."
Ivy: "We're going to the games. We're going to the games! Zack, we are the games! And at the Colosseum they play to the death, remember?"

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Zack and Ivy watch Carmen from their cell.

Ivy: "Carmen's bringing something in on the elephants."
Zack: "But if she wants to show she's the greatest thief of all time, you can bet she'll make her move tomorrow when she's got a full house here in the Colosseum."
Ivy: "Yeah, and we'll be a little too busy fighting for our lives to be able to stop her."

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Zack is chosen to fight Ivy.

Ivy: "If we don't want to end up as part of the lion act, this has to seem like a battle to the finish, Zack."

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Zack and Ivy begin to fight.

Ivy: "Would you at least make it look like you're really trying?"
Zack: "I am really trying."

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Zack has a plan.

Zack: "Chase me Ivy."
Ivy: "What?"
Zack: "Just like when we were little kids. We'll give them a show."
Roman: "By Juno, this girl thrashes armed men with her bare hands!"
Zack: "Hey! You know mom would never let you get away with that!"
Ivy: "And I would have told dad whenever you did that!"

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Zack knows where Carmen is.

Ivy: "I don't know how long I can keep this up before I get a thumbs down from Marcus Aurelius."
Zack: "You mean Marcus Not-relius."
Ivy: "What?"
Zack: "Carmen's impersonating him, Ivy. She used the stolen bust to make a latex mask."

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Carmen pulls off her mask...

Carmen: "Now for a show these Romans will never forget."

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Carmen is upset the detectives stopped her.

Carmen: "I'm afraid I could only save you so many times in my disguise as Marcus Aurelius."
Zack: "Get her!"
Carmen: "This game you lose!"
  [Carmen throws a pitchfork at them]
Zack: "No! Where'd she go?"
Ivy: "Stop her!"
Zack: "For a second there, I thought Carmen had lost it"
Ivy: "C'mon little bro. That's not Carmen's style. The only thing Carmen lost was her shot at being the greatest thief of all time."

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Carmen and the Player.

Player: "You tried to steal from the past, present, and future, Carmen."
Carmen: "The only waste of time is when you have nothing to show for it."
Player: "What have you got? Everything was all returned."
Carmen: "You can take away the stolen items, Player, but no one can take away my experience. Not even you."

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until next crime
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