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 the quotes retribution 2: in memoriam
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The Chief tells us all about part 1.

Chief: "In our last episode, one of the most ruthless criminal minds of our time broke out of prison. Zack and Ivy deduced that the evil Doctor Maelstrom faked his death in a prison explosion, and they were determined to track him down. But first, there were Acme facts they had to know. Like, Maelstrom was originally sent to jail by detective Carmen Sandiego back in the days when she was an Acme agent and I worked as her partner on my first ever case. But want to talk about the body they designed for me back then? Let's not go there. Not now, not soon, not ever. Not no way, not no how! Maelstrom's years behind bars made him crave one thing... a better wardrobe. No... kidding. Ha-ha. He wanted revenge on Carmen. So, when Zack and Ivy figured out where he'd gone, they knew he would eventually hunt Carmen down and they figured they could follow him and could capture both fugitives at once. Only their plan backfired, big time."

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Carmen sneaks into the prison.

Carmen: "Sorry, Warden, but I'm here to make news not report it and Carmen Sandiego breaking into jail is definitely news."

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Carmen decides to do something for Maelstrom.

Carmen: "You ended as violently as you choose to live, Maelstrom, but your name will mark your resting place. It's the least I could do for all you've taught me, the challenges you've presented to me."

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Carmen surprises the detectives at the prison.

Carmen: "Expect nothing and be ready for everything!"

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Ivy confronts Carmen at the prison.

Ivy: "There are times when solid detective work is more than a match for your high-tech tricks, Carmen."
Carmen: "Sorry, this isn't one of them, Ivy. Our adversaries' strengths always serve to point up the weaknesses we need to overcome, detectives."

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Maelstrom wants revenge...

Maelstrom: "Retribution will be mine, Carmen Sandiego. As I first humiliate you, then crush your reputation, and finally see you imprisoned for the rest of your natural life."

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The detectives worried about Carmen?

Zack: "I don't get it, Ivy. Why would Carmen go to all the trouble to steal Maelstrom's prison cap?"
Ivy: "Maybe she took it as a memento to remember that she put him behind bars all those years ago."
Zack: "You know, we have a madman stalking Carmen and she doesn't even know he's alive."
Ivy: "Yeah, that worries me too. He seems to know her inside out."
Zack: "And who knows what he's planning to do when they finally meet."
Ivy: "Then we better find Carmen first and warn her, little bro... before you eat the clue."

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Guess who's alive...

Maelstrom: "Nice weather we're having, Carmen. Memories and whirlpools."
Carmen: "What? Maelstrom? You're alive?"
Maelstrom: "Which proves you're no match for me, as a detective or a thief, Carmen."

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Maelstrom taunts Carmen.

Maelstrom: "I left you a real clue to what I'm planning back in my prison cell, but in your sentimental incompetence you passed it by and took my cap instead. You're not worthy to dedicate a memorial to the greatest thief, who ever will be. I'll do it myself."

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They have her but...

Ivy: "Now you're going down, Carmen."
Carmen: "No! Maelstrom's after me. His whole plan is somehow to get back at me for arresting him ten years ago."
Zack: "Then maybe we can arrange adjoining cells when we catch him."
Carmen: "Put me in jail detective, and he'll find a new target for his aggressive anti-social behaviors."
Ivy: "She's got a point, Zack."
Carmen: "Without me you won't have a single lead."
Zack: "Oh, yeah? And what lead do we have now?"
Carmen: "I saw the clue he left me back in his jail cell. I'm your lead."
Zack: "Ivy, maybe we have a shot at stopping him."
Ivy: "So, what would you think about working for Acme again, under our custody?"
Carmen: "To stop Maelstrom again, I'd do almost anything."

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They C-5 to Virginia.

Carmen: "How do you stand that C-5, detectives?"
Zack: "Eh, you kind of get used to it."

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Maelstrom catches them.

Maelstrom: "Old-fashioned public humiliation of the stocks and pillory is almost too good for you, Carmen. But it's a start."

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Maelstrom humiliates Carmen as a tour group spots them.

Harry: "Look, Marge! Isn't that Carmen Sandiego?"
Maelstrom: "If you think the loss of your dignity is hard, Carmen, wait until I destroy your sterling reputation as 'the thief with a conscience'."
Carmen: "I'll see you in prison again, if it's the last thing I do!"
Maelstrom: "Correction, you'll see me from prison, unless you come up with something brilliant here."

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An excited tourist...

Marge: "Oh, you were right about witnessing a piece of history, Harry. Carmen captured. Get out the camcorder."

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The tourists approach the detectives and Carmen.

Marge: "Why aren't the cops here?"
Someone: "Why has someone put them in the stock?"
Marge: "I can't believe I'm having my picture taken with the Carmen Sandiego."

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Ivy frees Carmen.

Ivy: "Come on, Carmen. You never did like being in the public eye."

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As the credits roll the Chief ponders something.

Chief: "Good news, Crimebusters. If Carmen Sandiego can turn over a new leaf, and work for Acme again, absolutely nothing is impossible. In fact, the way things are going, in a few years I might even consider retiring to a little laptop in the South Pacific while 'Chief' Carmen cleans up crime, 'President' Carmen fixes the economy, and 'Santa' Sandiego slides down a chimney to give us our toys. The possibilities are awesome."

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until next crime
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