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 the quotes labyrinth part 2
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Written by: Dennis O'Flaherty and Sean Roche

The Chief recaps what happened in Labyrinth Part 1.

Chief: "Listen up, crime-busters. Acme needs your help. In our last clue-filled episode, Zack and Ivy infiltrated Carmen's top secret training facility. Just when they were about to shut her down for good she gave them the big slip. I gave them a brand-new Acme chrono-skimmer and they piggybacked onto her ion trail heading on after her somewhere in time. Don't ask me cause I don't know where, but hit enter and let's go find out what they're up to."

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Carmen Sandiego has arrived in the future.

Computer: "Geographical location: 19 degrees north, 90 degrees west. The year: 2101 A.D."
Carmen: "A perfect chrono-landing"

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As Carmen is about to break into the UN facility she notices someone is ahead of her.

Carmen: "Ah, research always pays off. Security right where I expected. Ah! Hmm, but I didn't expect this."

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Carmen confronts the crooks.

Carmen: "Not bad for amateurs."
Crook: "Who are you?"
Carmen: "The competition."

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Carmen Sandiego captures the crooks.

Carmen: "Stop! Thieves!"
Crook: "Let go! Argh!"
Carmen: "I'm Carmen Sandiego. I'm a private detective and I've been on these crooks trail for a month. Thank goodness I stopped them from getting this, Sergeant. It's only the most important scientific achievement of the millennium."
Sergeant: "The world owes you a vote of gratitude, Ms. Sandiego. This is to be unveiled at the opening of the World's Fair tomorrow. Who knows what use some ingenious thief might find for it if they ever got their hands on it."
Carmen: "Yes, who knows indeed?"

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Zack and Ivy watch a report on Carmen in Times Square, 2101.

Reporter: "We interrupt this commercial message to bring you an important global news update. Tonight, at a top secret United Nations facility in Central America, one heroic world citizen stopped what could have been the biggest theft of the 22nd century."
Zack: "Ivy, Carmen must be involved!"
Carmen: "I'm just glad I could help. Any good citizen would have done the same, I'm sure."
Zack: "She's here!"
Ivy: "And she's a heroine?!"

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The Chief version 2101.

Chief: "Who dares invoke the name of the great and powerful Chief?"
[The Chief laughs]
Ivy: "Guess he didn't mellow with age."

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The future Chief doesn't know who Zack and Ivy are.

Chief: "Hey, you're not Acme agents."
Ivy: "What are you talking about? It's us, Chief, Ivy and Zack."
Chief: "Ivy-Zack. Ivy-Zack. Ivy-Zack. Ah, nope. There's no Ivy-Zack team on Acme's active roster. You are Acme impostors! Security!"
Ivy: "Wait, Chief. You've got to believe us. We're Acme agents from the 20th century. We time traveled here with the chrono-skimmer."
Chief: "Hmm. I have heard rumors that Acme experimented with time travel once but the project proved muy dangeroso."
Zack: "Because Carmen Sandiego stole our technology and used it, or is using it, to pull off some major crime now, in the future, here."

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Carmen wipes her records in 2101.

Carmen: "It's ironic. To become the greatest thief in the future, I'll have to wipe out my past. Computer on, there's work to be done."

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Zack and Ivy manipulate the future Chief to get what they want.

Chief: "You know, you two might make a couple of good gumshoes. But you're gonna have to start at the bottom."
Zack and Ivy: "Huh?"
Ivy: "Like, on a real unimportant case?"
Chief: "Umm...right."
Zack: "Like one that everyone thinks isn't really a case at all?"
Chief: "Yeah."
Ivy: "Like proving Carmen Sandiego is a zero, not a hero?"
Zack: "We'll take it!"
Chief: "Yeah, but wait...I..."
Zack: "Crank up the C-5 and get to the Hotel Millennium in Moscow."
Chief: "That, uh, wasn't what I had in mind."
Ivy: "We're going to prove that we're the best operatives Acme ever had."

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The C-5 to Russia lands them on top of a dome.

Zack: "100 years, Ivy. You'd think Acme could have fixed the C-5 landing mechanism in 100 years!"

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Zack tries to convince the Russian Security Police they aren't doing anything wrong. In Russian.

Officer: "And just what do you two think you're doing?"
Zack: "Would you believe, chin-ups?"

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The Chief is upset as Zack and Ivy are released.

Chief: "Arrested? Arrested? I think I speak for all the Players on-line when I say, that with a little effort you two could probably discredit Acme world wide."
Zack: "Chief, I swear there was a dummy in her room."
Chief: "The real Zack and Ivy, whoever they were, were detectives of the decade. They would never have screwed up like this!"

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Zack and Ivy are spotted by the guards at the World's Fair.

Guard: "Halt!"
Zack: "Not again! How does Carmen stand this?"

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Carmen unveils the electromagnet then takes it.

Announcer: "And now ladies and gentlemen, I would like to present our intrepid woman of the year, Carmen Sandiego."
[Crowd cheers]
Carmen: "Oh, I was glad to stop those thieves from getting their hands on this miraculous device."
Ivy: "Keep your hands off it, Carmen!"
Zack: "She's no heroine! She's the biggest thief in the world!"
Carmen: "For a couple of time travelers, your timing stinks, detectives. But I'm sure you good folks won't mind if I take this for a souvenir."

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Zack and Ivy are caught by the police.

Ivy: "She got away with it! She's off in time!"
Zack: "Yeah, and we're doing time."

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until next crime
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