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 the quotes curses, foiled again
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Written by: Mark L. Hoffmeier

Friday the 13th!

Zack: "I've got a really weird feeling about this stakeout, Ivy. It's Friday the thirteenth, you know, and what we don't need on this Carmen case is any bad luck."

Ivy: "Relax, little bro. Nothing's going to go wrong except what goes wrong for Carmen."

Aileen: "And that's going to be us. Aileen reporting in. All clear behind the Palace."

Zack: "Yeah, well, it's a good thing I brought my lucky rabbit's foot just in case we run into trouble."

Hannah Lulu: "He's right, Carmen. Friday the thirteenth is an unlucky day. I told you before. I think this whole caper is real bad luck."

Carmen: "Ha. You think everything is bad luck, Hannah. You know I don't believe in luck, good or bad. It's talent and preparation that makes things happen."

Hannah Lulu: "But you don't understand. The last queen of Hawaii, Lili'uokalani, was held prisoner in this very palace. In the very room we're breaking into."

Carmen: "You're the best alarm expert I have, Hannah, but what is it with you? You have to learn to overcome these unnatural fears... starting tonight."

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While sliding to King Kamehameha's statue...

Carmen: "Something's jammed in the pulley. Zack's rabbit's foot?"
Cop: "It's Carmen Sandiego and henchwoman Hannah Lulu. Freeze, you're under arrest!"
Hannah: "Oh-ho, I told you! Our luck has gone bad. I could feel it coming. We're cursed!"
Zack: "Ha ha! The greatest thief of all time and we nailed her!"

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Carmen and the Player

Player: "Looks like your luck has finally run out, Carmen."
Carmen: "Ah, but the real game has barely begun, Player."

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Carmen: "Hmm... maybe you're right about a little run of bad luck, Hannah, but I refuse to be a prisoner of fear."
Ivy: "Okay. You'll be a prisoner of the state of Hawaii then. Good-bye, Carmen."

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What a nice guy...

Chief: "Yes, supersleuths. You have just captured the most wanted thief in the world. What are you going to do next?"
Aileen: "We're going to a big luau my family is throwing in our honor, Chief."
Chief: "Very nice, and there's more. As a big mahalo, that's Hawaiian for thank you, Acme's also going to give you a fabulous all-expense paid vacation to... you're already there... Hawaii! Pretty convenient, huh?"

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She tosses them a clue.

Carmen: "Like I always say, detectives, you haven't got a clue... till I give you one."

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Zack looses the clue.

Aileen: "You dropped it!"
Zack: "It's because I lost my rabbit's foot, I'm telling you! I knew it! I'm really in for it now. Nothing but bad luck's coming my way."
Aileen: "Yeah, bad luck and that freighter!"

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Zack freaks.

Zack: "Maybe this isn't just my lost rabbit's foot. You remember the bathroom mirror I broke last year, Ivy? Breaking a mirror is supposed to give you seven years bad luck! And that time a black cat crossed my path?"
Ivy: "Zack, snap out of it! A broken mirror is just a broken mirror. A black cat is just a black cat. And we don't have time to worry about your supposed streak of bad luck!"

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They kinda know what she's up to.

Zack: "Well, whatever the connection is I wouldn't want to be Carmen right about now cause she's really pressing her luck."
Ivy: "Zack, maybe you've got something there. The Naha Stone is a really big lava rock and in Hawaii isn't it considered bad luck to remove a lava stone?"
Aileen: "Right, and now the Menehune Ditch. It's tied to Hawaii's little people."
Zack: "Who she shouldn't cross unless she wants big trouble."
Ivy: "Well, if Carmen's testing her luck what's it got to do with Mars or this telescope?"

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Trying to escape at the Pali lookout.

Hannah Lulu: "Where is that helicopter? This place gives me the creeps. It's supposed to be haunted, you know."

Carmen: "Hannah, haven't you learned anything from the items we've stolen tonight? I'm trying to show you that you're superstitions are a stumbling block. Have faith in your talent, not your fear. We've stolen these supposedly cursed items and we still haven't been caught, have we?"

Hannah Lulu: "I guess you're right. Oh, did you hear that?"

Carmen: "Oh, there you go again."

     [They hear noises]

Hannah Lulu: "Ah! The torches of the Night Marchers! You were wrong, Carmen!"

Carmen: "Hannah, please. I'm sure there is some reasonable explanation."

     [Now they can clearly make out "Carmen... Hannah..."]

Hannah Lulu: "Ah, ghosts! And they're flying!"

Carmen: "Hannah, that's our helicopter pick-up. Now pull yourself together."

     [Zack and Ivy are covered in poi]

Zack and Ivy: "Carmen... Hannah..."

Hannah Lulu: "Let's get to the chopper! Hurry!"

     [Hannah and Carmen get into the HPD helicopter.]

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Carmen jumps over the Pali.

Aileen: "I guess your luck is changing, Zack. We captured Carmen twice in one day."
Carmen: "Nice way to turn the tables, detectives, but I'm afraid this isn't your lucky night."
Zack: "Hey, get her!"
Ivy: "She leapt over the cliff!"
Zack: "Woo-hoo! Look what Carmen dropped. It's my lucky rabbit's foot. She had it all along."
Ivy: "There's a note. 'Zack, you need this more than I do. Carmen.'"

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He is still superstitious...

Ivy: "But one thing I don't understand, Zack. Why did you give your rabbit's foot to Hannah?"
Aileen: "Yeah, are you going to give up being superstitious now?"
Zack: "Nope. I finally bought this lucky Hawaiian Ti plant and I swear I'll never go anywhere without it."
Ivy: "Cute but it's going to be hard to fit that on a key chain, little bro."

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The Player and Carmen.

Player: "The Chief is right, Carmen. The vacation's over."
Carmen: "You forget, Player, for me my work is fun."
Player: "Then we'll put an end to your fun."
Carmen: "Oh? Better luck next time."

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until next crime
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