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Written by: Mark L. Hoffmeier

Ivy isn't comfortable in her disguise...a dress!

Ivy: "How could you ever be a woman of action in this dress."

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Carmen chews out Mason after he ruins everything.

Carmen: "Hmm. Now where is Mason Dixon with that historical sofa? What?"
Mason Dixon: "I'm sorrier than a sinner in a sunday school, Carmen. Forgive me."
Ante Bellum: "They're on to us! Carmen! Somebody! Get me outta here!"
Carmen: "I'll deal with you later, Mason. Now stay put until I clean up your mess. Ugh! You've blown my whole caper!"

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Mason Dixon steals the time machine and changes the present.

Mason Dixon: "The only difference between you and me is a little twist of fate."
Zack: "Ivy!"
Mason Dixon: "I'll show you I can handle this my way, Carmen."
Zack: "It's Carmen's time machine!"

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The gang returns from a dead-end trip through time and find out things have changed.

Chief: "Whoa! I may be totally time-warped gumshoes but records seem to indicate that while we were gone Carmen's henchman, Mason Dixon, somehow became Acme's number one target."
Zack: "What are you talking about? Where's Carmen?"
Chief: "She's now Mason's sidekick, second bill, goon, flunky, gofer."
Zack: "Whoa! Whatever Mason did with Carmen's time machine somehow changed history."
Chief: "He's now the world's greatest thief and the head of V.I.L.E."
Ivy: "And from the looks of his crimes...he's no Carmen Sandiego."

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The Player and Mason Dixon exchange barbs.

Player: "Traveling through time to play tricks on me, eh, Carmen? What are you up to?"
Mason Dixon: "I'm in charge now, Player. Fun and game time is over! [laughs] Where on earth is Mason Dixon?"

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Zack and Ivy help the alternate reality Carmen in a grey coat.

Zack: "Quick give me your coat."
Carmen: "My coat? Who are you?"
Zack: "Don't worry. It's not your best color anyway."

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Carmen takes Zack and Ivy to VILE headquarters.

Carmen: "Wait here."
Zack: "Ivy this is great! She's actually taken us inside Mason Dixon's secret headquarters."
Mason Dixon: "How dare you bring complete strangers into my headquarters!"
Carmen: "I'm telling you Mr. Dixon, they are two very sharp criminals who helped me get away from the police. "

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The Chief gives the detectives a little lesson no submarines.

Ivy: "Wait a minute. There were submarines back in the Civil War?"
Chief: "Well, not like we have today with sonar and missiles and Denzel Washington."

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Summary of action.

Carmen: "Welcome to the team. Mason says we're about to make history together. Charleston Harbor, 1864, here we come."

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Quote that shows how different Carmen v.2 is from the one we all know and love as they steal the Hunley.

Carmen: "That's Mason's target."
Zack: "And what's the plan?"
Carmen: "Plan? Well, I have to plan on getting caught. I almost always get caught."
Zack: "Man! She is gonna really need our help if she's going to build up her confidence enough to ever take over V.I.L.E. again, Ivy."
Carmen: "Blast it! There are too many guards!"
Ivy: "Trust us, Carmen. Careful planning is the key to success."
Zack: "Yeah. We have an old...uh, acquaintance who is a master at this. We'll show you all her best tricks."

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They steal the Hunley and Zack complains. He just isn't cut out for manual labor.

Zack: "Man. My arms are so tiered from turning that hand cranked propellor. Now I know why they invented nuclear powered subs."

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Carmen checks in with the boss.

Carmen: "Come in, Mason. We have the Hunley."
Mason Dixon: "Good work. Then phase two is about to commence."
Ivy: "Phase two?"
Mason Dixon: "When you get to these time coordinates, camouflage the sub and wait for me."

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Zack and Ivy ask Carmen for help.

Zack: "Carmen, where's the sub?"
Carmen: "Oh, Mason arrived and took it. Why?"
Zack: "Because we think he's trying to change the outcome of the Civil War."
Ivy: "We have to stop him!"
Carmen: "Stop him? We can't!"
Ivy: "Carmen, think! If the South wins the United States would remain two completely separate countries."
Zack: "Slavery would still be legal."
Ivy: "All of history from the Civil War forward would change."
Zack: "Just because Mason Dixon hasn't thought this through."
Carmen: "Then if we're going to stop him...we need a plan."
Ivy: "I like the way you're starting to think, Carmen."

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After they stop Mason from sinking the Monitor, Carmen tells them where things went wrong in her life.

Carmen: "Things might have been different if I had been the one who ended up in charge of V.I.L.E."
Mason: "Get me ashore!"
Carmen: "Once when Mason and I were trying to steal a Rembrandt in Amsterdam I got caught and sent to prison. Mason got away and went on to run V.I.L.E. Simple twist of fate I guess."
Zack: "That's it! That's the same thing Mason said back at Appomattox!"

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The detectives tell Carmen what happened as they watch Mason merge with his past self.

Carmen: "What's going on?"
Ivy: "Mason changed history to become head of V.I.L.E., Carmen."
Zack: "You have to meld with your past incarnation and get history to play out the way it's supposed to. Come on!"

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Carmen melds into her past self. History is back on track as Mason gets caught.

Carmen: "Mason, this way. Follow me."
Mason: "Forget it, Carmen. That's where the cops are. Grits and Gravy! Let me go! Oh, why didn't I stick with Carmen's plan!"

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The Chief taunts a recently captured Mason Dixon in Virginia.

Chief: "Hey, hey! Check it out! I'm on the net! Nice web site!"

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The Player and Carmen.

Player: "Okay, so maybe we didn't catch you in the end, Carmen...but we did foil one of the biggest crimes in history."
Carmen: "Well, Mason Dixon's "crimes" deserved to be stopped. And now that I'm in charge of V.I.L.E. again...things will be back to normal."

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While the credits roll, Zack tries to fix the chronoskimmer.

Ivy: "Hey, Zack. What are you doing with the chronoskimmer?"
Zack: "I figured it was time for it's tune up but its...well...stuck. It only goes back in time 10 seconds."
Ivy: "Really? Hey, Zack. What are you doing with the chronoskimmer?"
Zack: "Like I told you before, it only goes back in time 10 seconds."
Ivy: "Really? Hey, Zack-o. Whatcha doing with the chronoskimmer?"
Zack: "I just told you! It...nothing! I'm not doing anything with it, okay?"
Ivy: "Sheesh. What's his problem?"

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