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 the quotes retribution 3: maelstrom's revenge
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Written by: Doug Molitor

The Chief recaps part 1 and part 2.

Chief: "Attention, Acme agents! We need all your sleuthing skills to help bust this case. It's got more tangled ends then five guys with comb-overs in a twister. Argh! Auntie Em! Auntie Em! There's no place like homepage. Okay, here's the scoop troop. Doctor Maelstrom, the most ruthless, dangerous thief Acme ever busted, has busted out of prison. Busted out see. This notorious, no-goodnick was my first arrest as an Acme detective. Whoah! Buns of steel, body by Humpty Dumpty. With my, catch this, then partner Carmen Sandiego. Now, Maelstrom's after Carmen for putting him in jail all those years ago so Zack and Ivy tail him hoping to catch both of them in a showdown. Boy, were they wrongo-bongo. Then this scourge of the sea stole the world's only underwater hotel from... well, underwater in Florida and planned to use it as his new headquarters. With a foe this crazed and violent, Zack and Ivy had no choice but to join forces with Carmen to stop him. Unfortunately, that appeared to put our detectives on the wrong side of the law."

[From Part 2 The Police corner Zack and Ivy in Virginia.]
Cop: "You're under arrest for aiding and abetting a known thief, Carmen Sandiego."
Chief: "Confused? All right, let's get to it and straighten this case out. Some restrictions may apply. Your results may vary. Clues are for comparison only. Member, A-C-M-E."

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Carmen watches the detectives work on the paperwork.

Carmen: "Ha-ha-ha! Catching up on your homework, detectives?"
Zack: "Yeah, I'm writing a hundred times 'I will never let Carmen get away again'."
Carmen: "Come on, Zack. We've go to trust each other. Is that any way to thank me for finding Maelstrom's clue?"
Zack and Ivy: "What?"
Ivy: "What happened to you?"
Carmen: "Slight failure to fly during... my escape. But a little sprain won't stop me from putting Maelstrom's reign of terror to an end."

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Carmen & Co. figure out the clue.

Carmen: "Wait! The music! That's the Toreador's Song from the opera..."
Everyone: "Carmen!"
Ivy: "Maelstrom wants to ruin your reputation."
Zack: "So maybe he'll steal the opera Carmen by Georges Bizet..."
Carmen: "And blame it on me."

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A little technicality.

Ivy: "Hold on! Maelstrom may be in Paris but we can't walk out the door till we finish these."
Carmen: "You'll really have to get over this obsession for law and order if you're going to work with me, detectives."
Zack: "Wrong. You're working with us, Carmen. And actually, if we use the C-5 we're not technically going out the door, Ivy."

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Carmen worries about her reputation.

Carmen: "I'm not gonna let Maelstrom get away with ruining my reputation like this."

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Carmen tracks Maelstrom.

Carmen: "Good diversion Maelstrom. But not good enough."
Zack: "Ivy, forget him. Carmen took off. This way."

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Zack complains about their travel experiences.

Zack: "Why can't we ever do these foreign countries like other tourists, from the comfort of a bus."

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Carmen is concerned after the boat explodes.

Carmen: "Zack? Ivy? No!"

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Carmen upset about being framed.

Carmen: "Another perfect choice. He'll make it look it like I've stolen it and become as vicious a criminal as Maelstrom."

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Carmen surprises Maelstrom.

Maelstrom: "Where's my..."
Carmen: "Gloating to yourself is one of six warning signs that you're a psychopath Maelstrom."
Maelstrom: "You!"
Carmen: "Looking for this?"
Maelstrom: "How did you get that?"

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Maelstrom, Carmen's psychic friend.

Maelstrom: "I told you a long time ago you'd become a thief Carmen, but you didn't believe me. Well, now witness a crime greater than any you'd ever dreamed of."
Carmen: "Don't fire that Maelstrom!"

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For fun or profit?

Maelstrom: "Ah! There's the difference between us, Carmen. You spend so much time with your precious little plans, trying to make tidy entrances and exits, that you forget why we are really thieves in the first place... to take what others have, period. End of career description."
Carmen: "Wrong! I do it for the mental gymnastics, the challenge of..."
Maelstrom: "Oh spare me the twisted philosophies Carmen. You've got a serious problem, you know that? And the sooner you realize you are no better than anyone else who steals, for fun or profit, the better off we'll all be."

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The Chief and Carmen stop Maelstrom.

Carmen: "Just like old times, eh Chief?"
Chief: "Yeah, and the old body is just what it used to be... useless."

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Carmen escapes yet again.

Zack: "We lost her again Chief! Again! Ah, she was ours and we lost her!"

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Zack, Ivy and the Chief talk about working with Carmen.

Ivy: "It was really strange working with Carmen for a change, huh little bro."
Zack: "Yeah. You think maybe we had any kind of positive influence on her? I mean, you think she'd ever change her thieving ways?"
Chief: "Who, Carmen? Forget it! She's a thief! She'll never come back to the side of truth and justice, never! Mark my words, never! She'll never have anything to do with Acme again as long as she lives! She's..."
Zack: "Ah, never say never Chief. Look."

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Philosophical Carmen.

Carmen: "In the words of a famous American writer, William Faulkner, The past isn't dead. It isn't even past."
Player: "Right, that means me tracking you wherever you go, Carmen."
Carmen: "The future holds nothing but surprises, Player. Get ready for them... if you can."

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until next crime
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