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Written by: Melanie Williams and Perry Adleman

Zack's tree disguise is a bit too good.

Chief: "What are you doing?"
Ivy: "It's my application for that new Acme instructor job."
Chief: "In the Hong Kong branch? Ivy, why do you want that position?"
Ivy: "Chief. Look, don't get me wrong. I love being an Acme agent. I just think I'll make a good instructor too. Besides, even if I leave you'll still have glamour boy."
Munchkins: "Follow the yellow brick road. Follow the yellow brick road."
Ivy: "Come in Zack, over."
Zack: "Glamour? You call this glamour? I've got dry rot, termites... huh? Oh, no. Shoo, Todo! Shoo! Ewe, and I just found out why the brick road is yellow."

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Carmen, the good witch, flees with the slippers.

Carmen: "This is a trip down memory lane you're not taking with me, Ivy."

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Carmen flees towards the rainbow.

Zack: "Where'd she go?"
Ivy: "Looks like this case is going to take us somewhere over the rainbow, little bro."

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The Player and Carmen.

Player: "Those famous ruby slippers took Dorothy home in the movie "The Wizard of Oz". But the only place they're going to take you is to jail, Carmen."
Carmen: "Wrong, Player. They'll take me exactly where I want to go."

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I don't know about you but I can't get this song out of my head!

Chief: "Incoming e-mail for Ivy. E-mail for Ivy. Follow the bouncing head. We received your application at Acme here in Hong Kong. We'd like you to interview with us if you want the job. Sorry, it doesn't scan very well."

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If Ivy leaves, Zack gets a real dog for a partner...

Chief: "Oh, why so glum, Zack baby? Don't think of it as losing a sister, think of it as gaining a bathroom and a partner."
Zack: "What?"
Chief: "I've been meaning to introduce you to our newest Acme agent."
Ivy: "Chief, he's precious."
Zack: "Chief, he's a dog!"
Chief: "Oh, how wrong you are, fleabath breath. Lassie was a dog. Old Yeller was a dog. But Stretch here is a clue-sniffing, crime-busting canine phenomena."
Zack: "Yeah, in his dreams."
Chief: "No, he's just resting. Conserving energy. Planning his next move. But when a case heats up he's a doggone doggie dynamo. Hear him hum."

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As she steals the bear...

Carmen: "I hate to see you work so hard, detectives. You know, you really should be enjoying your childhood more."
Ivy: "We'll be enjoying ourselves just fine when we put you behind bars."

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Ivy: "Hang on, Zack! Are you okay?"
Zack: "I'm okay but muh tung is sthuck. My tung is sthuck on da guttah."
Ivy: "What are you... ewe! Your tongue is stuck on the frozen gutter! Don't you know how dangerous that is?"

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Miss his screw-ups?

Ivy: "You okay?"
Zack: "You know, sis, you sure aren't going to find this kind of action at a desk job in Hong Kong."
Ivy: "Ha ha! No, and I'm sure going to miss your creative ways of handling a chase, little bro."

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Carmen had a field trip there...

Zack: "Whoa! Check it out."
Ivy: "Zack, that's Carmen when she was a little girl. It says, 'Carmen Sandiego on a trip with the Golden Gate Girls School gives Teddy Roosevelt's teddy bear a hug.'"

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A Carmen Clue

Carmen: "I'm off to see the wizard, detectives."

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Carmen Sandiego History 101

Chief: "The Golden Gate Girls School was an orphanage in San Francisco that Carmen..."
Zack: "Carmen was an orphan?"
Chief: "Yep, the only home that she knew was this place until I gave her a home at Acme."
Ivy: "Zack, if Carmen's following the "Oz" story line like all her thefts indicate, she's bound to wind up at her home in the end."

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Carmen: "Good evening, detectives. Welcome to my home. I'd offer you something, but the truth is, I didn't expect you."
Ivy: "What are you doing, Carmen?"
Carmen: "I told you, a trip down memory lane."
Zack: "She's stolen back the lost piece of her childhood, Ivy."
Ivy: "I see why you wanted the original poppy field..."
Zack: "And the teddy bear from your class trip to Sagamore Hill."
Carmen: "But the ruby slippers confused you? "Oz" was my favorite story, detectives, and those shoes have the power to take me home. At least, to my childhood memories."
Zack: "Yeah, well here's another little moment you'll want to file in your memory bank, your arrest."

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Ivy decides to stay.

Zack: "Well, at least we got back the stuff she stole."
Ivy: "But she got away with the orphanage!"
Zack: "You know, maybe it's okay, Ive. They were just going to tear it down."
Ivy: "Yeah, and it is the only home she ever knew, huh?"
Chief: "Only home? What am I chopped liver? I gave her a home. Acme was her home. But did she appreciate it? Nooo! And now you're leaving too? Oh, empty nest syndrome."
Ivy: "Me? Where am I going?"
Zack: "To that job in Hong Kong."
Ivy: "What and leave our new partner without teaching him the ropes? Besides, where in the world would I find a partner quite like you, Zack? Hong Kong will be there for a while, and Mr. Baum was right. There is no place like home."

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Carmen and the Player.

Player: "You got the house, Carmen, but I'll get you next crime."
Carmen: "Perhaps. But that caper is a horse of a different color, Player."

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until next crime
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