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Every generation has a legend...
Every journey has a first step...
Every saga has a beginning...
--Star Wars: Episode I "The Phantom Menace" Movie Trailer

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Star Wars, my favorite movie, has spawned some pretty good books. I was just a Star Wars fan until a few years ago when Bantam published the first of a zillion new books set in the Star Wars universe. I went from fan to fanatic in just a few days after finding "Heir to the Empire" on a rack while waiting in line at the supermarket. To this day I am very grateful for that really long line.

Below are a couple of my favorite Star Wars sites. Some of these places are updated daily!!! Up to the minute spoilers about the new movie and upcoming books! If you don't enjoy spoilers... what's wrong with you?

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general sites - mara jade - literature

g e n e r a l  s i t e s
star wars info, news about everything, and fun links
The official site. One of the best official sites around. Pretty nice but not for graphically impaired browsers. The place is eye-candy for the soul. It has great behind the scene footage, stories, pics. Gives ya great news tidbits on upcoming projects. It's the home of the Episode I trailer and posters. Has general spoilers. For more detailed info you have to go elsewhere. With the new movie coming out soon the folks at Lucasfilm have bought some interesting domain names.

All lead back to, you guessed
Things like: [insert heavy breathing here],, [the Emperor, pre-Empire], &, and
One of my favorite Star Wars sites. Has separate sections on all things Star Wars. The books section has cover images, read book reviews, and ogle the book release schedule. The comics section has cover images, comic reviews, a schedule and news. Visit the multimedia section to find the screenplays, wavs, and Star Wars fonts. STAR WARS FONTS!!! YESSSSSS!!! The font used for the "Star Wars" above is Distant Galaxy Solid, a nice font. Giedi Prime Science Fiction and Fantasy Fonts has some fonts that doesn't have yet (like the ewok font, if you really need an ewok font).

Star Wars news, multimedia, SW CCG stuff, an amusing parody of the news, etc, etc... My fave section? The novels!!! Novel news, reviews, author chat transcripts... sweet!!!

Countdown to Star Wars
This is the place to go if you want to download the trailer. It has just about every mirror site for every version that can be downloaded from the web. I couldn't get a connection to the official site to download the trailer when it first came out (hmm...excitement about a trailer? You bet! It's Star Wars!). So many people trying to download that huge file at one time... I went here and found a site that would let me on. It has frequently updated news, mostly about merchandise and media sightings. Also the home of those crazy dudes who decided it would be fun standing in line to see "The Phantom Menace"... a month before it opens!

One of the best Star Wars resources on the internet. Very pretty site with tons of info and images on everything about Star Wars you can possible imagine. Frequently updated. Visit JediNet for nifty pics of your fave Star Wars characters. They have some nice pics of Mara but I think some of my scans are better :-) I wish my site looked this good...

Star Wars headlines... news, news, and more news!

Star Wars: A Feminine Perspective
Finally there's a place for all of us female Star Wars fans!

Star Wars vs. Titanic
Amusing site tracking how much $$$ "The Phantom Menace" makes. I don't think it'll sink the boat... but an obsessive site like this is worth taking a look at.
Star Wars fan fiction! Tons of stuff to read while waiting for the new books.
A site for female Star Wars fans. We are 41% of Star Wars fandom... according to this site. Has info on those strong Star Wars "chicks". Also a section dedicated to Star Wars hunks. Uh, I'm not sure Darth Maul would be my definition of "hunk" but the reasons for putting him there are cute.

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m a r a   j a d e

Mara, Mara, and more Mara
sites all about everyone's fave ex-imperial assassin... smuggler... and quasi-jedi

While I anxiously await a new Expanded Universe book that includes a decent portrayal of Mara Jade [a rarity, I know]... I spend a lot of time cruising Mara Jade fan sites like these.

Mara Jade: By The Emperor's Hand #0
Online, animated comic featuring my favorite 'Expanded Universe' character: Mara Jade. This is a really neat preview of the 6 part comic series. It requires shockwave, which you should get anyway cause it's free. The Emperor introduces Darth Vader to his newest agent, 'the Emperor's hand', Mara Jade. Mara made her first appearance in Timothy Zahn's "Heir to the Empire", the book which breathed new life into the Star Wars universe. Timothy Zahn and Michael Stackpole (dude who wrote a lot of those X-Wing books) wrote this comic series that tells us what happened to Mara Jade after she failed to kill Luke Skywalker at Jabba the Hutt's palace.

Club Jade
Tons of stuff all about Mara Jade. It has a wonderful picture gallery, fan fiction, and a Mara Jade sightings page with every Mara appearance... just in case you missed one.

Jade Crusades
Mara news, pictures, and Archjedi's tirades.

Episode Jade
View some pics, read some quotes, find out the latest on Mara Jade and her creator, The Great Zahn. This place also has links to just about every Mara Jade related site on the web.

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l i t e r a t u r e
sites about the books and comics. fan fiction at it's best, well... most of the time

JediNet: Literature
This is the best place to get all your Star Wars novel/comic book news. It is frequently updated. They keep their eye out for any SW literature mention... wonderful goodies on upcoming books. Other Star Wars sites use JediNet's literature info on their sites.

Dark Horse: Star Wars
Dark Horse comics currently produces Star Wars titles. I'm not that big a Star Wars comic reader (you all know this simple formula no money = no comics) but some pretty important things in the Star Wars universe have taken place in the comics. They have some great artists working for Dark Horse and I've always loved their use of color. Dark Horse hired some of the Star Wars book authors to write some comics for them (Zahn and Stackpole!!! Yes!!!) This site is great. Has a comic timeline (so you won't get hopelessly lost), comic blurbs, cover pics, they even scanned a couple of pages to view.

Star Wars Online Comics
Online animated comics from Star Wars. My fave is the Mara Jade one. You need shockwave to view the comics.

Star Wars Books from Del Rey and LucasBooks
Del Rey, the dudes who will be publishing Star Wars books for the next couple of years has a SW book website. It's ok... short info and author interviews.

Michael Stackpole's Homepage
Author Michael Stackpole has his own homepage. Worth taking a look at. He's the author of a bunch of those X-Wing books. He also co-wrote the Mara Jade comic with Timothy Zahn. I love Stackpole's book "I, Jedi". I am trying to read the X-Wing books but I don't have enough time! Wonderful writing style. Enjoyable books. Can't wait for the new Star Wars books he's gonna do next year...
- I just finished his X-Wing books... it's the best non-Zahn Star Wars series! It's Star Wars "required reading".

Aaron Allston's Home Page
Wrote X-Wing books #5-7 and #9. His books should be reference material for other SW authors... how to add humor to a Star Wars novel. I never laughed so much reading a Star Wars book. These books were intentionally funny unlike some of the others... Also has a really good "frequently asked questions" section about the X-Wing novels and writing in general.

Anderson/Moestra's homepage
Kevin Anderson and his wife wrote a bunch of Star Wars kids books. Anderson also wrote the "Jedi Academy" stuff. Not my fave... but his books deal with a lot of important events. He also wrote X-Files and Dune books... very busy dude.
This site has stuff on the X-Files, Babylon 5, Star Wars, and Star Trek... ah, all my faves in one place. It has a pretty good Star Wars Book Guide

Star Wars Booklist ntrnil
Star Wars book news for 16+ countries.

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