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Carmen in 'The Good Old, Bad Old Days'

the f.a.q.

Uh... I am still working on this page. Most sites have a frequently asked questions section so I created one here. Nothing frequently asked yet so not much here. If you really need to know something go to the Sandiego Manor. It has the answers.

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When can I see "Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego"?
Carmen has returned to U.S. airwaves!

PAX TV shows "Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?" They air Carmen episodes Saturdays at 8am EST. In Hawaii you can watch it at 7am on Oceanic Cable Channel 27.

Fox Family Channel used to air "Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?" Sunday mornings. 4 a.m. in Hawaii (on Oceanic Cable Channel 30), 7 a.m. on the mainland. It has not been on since 9/26 and I do not know when or if it will return.

Check your local listings to find out when and where you can catch Carmen Sandiego. You might want to visit or to look for info online. At the PAX TV website you can enter your zip code and find the nearest Pax station.

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PAX TV U.S. broadcast schedule:
  Carmen aired Monday - Friday at 8:00-8:30 am EST 9/27/99 to 12/24/99
  Carmen airs Saturdays at 8:00-8:30 am EST starting 1/1/00

Air Date Episode Title
09-27-99"The Stolen Smile"
09-28-99"A Higher Calling"
09-29-99"Dinosaur Delirium"
10-01-99"By a Whisker"
10-04-99"The Good Old, Bad Old Days"
10-05-99"Rules of the Game"
10-06-99"Chapter and Verse"
10-07-99"Music to My Ears"
10-08-99"The Play's the Thing"
10-11-99"Hot Ice"
10-12-99"All For One"
10-13-99"Scavenger Hunt"
10-14-99"Boyhood's End Part 1"
10-15-99"Boyhood's End Part 2"
10-18-99"When it Rains"
10-19-99"The Tigress"
10-20-99"The Remnants"
10-21-99"Birds of a Feather"
10-22-99"Shaman Spirits"
10-25-99"Curses, Foiled Again"
10-26-99"The Stolen Smile"
10-27-99"A Higher Calling"
10-28-99"Dinosaur Delirium"
11-01-99"By a Whisker"
11-02-99"The Good Old, Bad Old Days"
11-03-99"Rules of the Game"
11-04-99"Chapter and Verse"
11-05-99"Music to my Ears"
11-08-99"Split Up"
11-09-99"The Play's the Thing"
11-10-99"Skull and Double-Crossbones"
11-11-99"Hot Ice"
11-12-99"All For One"
11-15-99"Scavenger Hunt"
11-16-99"When it Rains"
11-17-99"Boyhood's End Part 1"
11-18-99"Boyhood's End Part 2"
11-19-99"The Tigress"
11-22-99"The Remnants"
11-23-99"Birds of a Feather"
11-24-99"Shaman Spirits"
11-25-99"Curses, Foiled Again"
11-26-99"The Stolen Smile"
11-29-99"A Higher Calling"
11-30-99"Dinosaur Delirium"
12-02-99"By a Whisker"
12-03-99"The Good Old, Bad Old Days"
12-06-99"Rules of the Game"
12-07-99"Chapter and Verse"
12-08-99"Music to My Ears"
12-09-99"Split Up"
12-10-99"The Play's the Thing"
12-13-99"Skull and Double-Crossbones"
12-14-99"Hot Ice"
12-15-99"All For One"
12-16-99"Scavenger Hunt"
12-17-99"When it Rains"
12-20-99"Boyhood's End Part 1"
12-21-99"Boyhood's End Part 2"
12-22-99"The Tigress"
12-23-99"The Remnants"
12-24-99"Birds of a Feather"
01-08-00"The Good Old, Bad Old Days"
01-15-00"Rules of the Game"
01-22-00"Chapter and Verse"
01-29-00"Music to My Ears"
02-05-00"The Play's the Thing"
02-12-00"Curses, Foiled Again"
02-19-00"Hot Ice"
02-26-00"All For One"
03-04-00"When it Rains"
03-11-00"Boyhood's End Part 1"
03-18-00"Boyhood's End Part 2"
03-25-00"The Tigress"
04-01-00"The Remnants"
04-08-00"Curses, Foiled Again"

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Fox Family Channel's Carmen history
Here's a list of what they have shown and when it was on. The cartoon used to air Sundays at 7am on the Fox Family Channel but it has not been on since 9/26 and I do not know when or if it will return.

# CSD = the number Fox Fam's study guide gives the episode
[R] = they have shown the episode at least once before.
none = Carmen was preempted.

Fox Family Channel U.S. broadcast schedule:
  Carmen aired Saturday mornings at 10:00-10:30 from 8/22/98 to 3/6/99
  Carmen aired Sunday mornings at 7:00-7:30 from 3/7/99 to 9/26/99

Air Date # CSD     Episode Title
08-22-98"Dinosaur Delirium"
08-29-98"By A Whisker"
09-05-98"The Good Old, Bad Old Days"
09-12-98"Split Up"
09-19-982007-A"Boyhood's End Part 1"
09-26-982008-B"Boyhood's End Part 2"
10-10-982002"Hot Ice"
10-17-983001"The Tigress"
10-24-98"Trick or Treat"
10-31-98NONE [A Halloween Addams Family marathon]
11-07-981012-A"A Date With Carmen Part 1"
11-14-981013-B"A Date With Carmen Part 2"
11-21-98"Skull and Double-Crossbones"
11-28-983007"Shaman Spirits"
12-05-98"Timing is Everything"
12-12-98"The Trial of Carmen Sandiego"
12-19-983010"Just Like Old Times"
12-26-984008-A"Can You Ever Go Home Again? Part 1"
01-02-994009-B"Can You Ever Go Home Again? Part 2"
01-09-99[R]"Skull and Double-Crossbones"
01-16-99[R]"Timing is Everything"
01-23-99[R]"Dinosaur Delirium"
01-30-99[R]"By A Whisker"
02-06-993001[R]"The Tigress"
02-13-99NONE [A Valentines Day movie]
02-20-993003-A"Labyrinth Part 1"
02-27-993004-B"Labyrinth Part 2: Woman of the Year 2101"
03-06-993005-C"Labyrinth Part 3: When in Rome"
03-07-99[R]"Dinosaur Delirium"
03-14-99[R]"By A Whisker"
03-28-99NONE [A Pee-Wee's Playhouse marathon]
04-04-99NONE [Easter shows]
04-11-99[R]"Split Up"
04-18-991012-A[R]"A Date With Carmen Part 1"
04-25-991013-B[R]"A Date With Carmen Part 2"
05-02-99[R]"Skull and Double-Crossbones"
05-09-992002[R]"Hot Ice"
05-16-992007-A[R]"Boyhood's End Part 1"
05-23-992008-B[R]"Boyhood's End Part 2"
05-30-993001[R]"The Tigress"
06-06-993003-A[R]"Labyrinth Part 1"
06-13-993004-B[R]"Labyrinth Part 2: Woman of the Year...2101"
06-14-992007-A[R]"Boyhood's End Part 1"
06-14-992008-B[R]"Boyhood's End Part 2"
06-20-993005-C[R]"Labyrinth Part 3: When in Rome"
06-27-993007[R]"Shaman Spirits"
07-04-99[R]"Split Up"
07-11-993010[R]"Just Like Old Times"
07-18-994001-A"Retribution Part 1: Unsinkable Carmen Sandiego"
07-25-994002-B"Retribution Part 2: In Memoriam"
08-01-994003-C"Retribution Part 3: Maelstrom's Revenge"
08-08-99[R]"The Trial of Carmen Sandiego"
08-15-994008-A[R]"Can You Ever Go Home Again? 1"
08-22-994009-B[R]"Can You Ever Go Home Again? 2"
08-29-99[R]"The Good Old, Bad Old Days"
09-12-992002[R]"Hot Ice"
09-19-993007[R]"Shaman Spirits"
09-26-994001-A[R]"Retribution Part 1: Unsinkable Carmen Sandiego"
10-03-99NONE[Digimon - part of an anime marathon]
10-10-99NONE[Mega Man]
10-17-99NONE[Mega Man]
10-24-99NONE[Mega Man]
10-31-99NONE[Watts on Your Mind]

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Which episodes does Fox Family Channel love to air?
The Avalon Mansion has a list of which episodes aired how many times... for those of you who don't want to look at the list above and count it (me! me! me!).

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My wish list:
Here's the episodes I need. I have 39... 1 more to go!

"cupid sandiego"

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