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 pictures page 1 the animated gifs

Okay, this page is full of animated gifs. A bunch of the useless stuff. It will take a while to load. Run away now if you don't want to wait...

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ani-gif from 'Can You Ever Go Home Again? 1' "A comment? I just want my father to know... I believe the greatest thing about human beings is their capacity to change. And I hope he agrees."

The reporters swarm around the recently captured Carmen Sandiego in "Can You Ever Go Home Again? Part 1". Malcolm Avalon watches the mad scene on tv.

I really like this one for some reason... it'll be good for the top of a pic page

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ani-gif of the logo The show logo with a 'sunlight through stained glass' effect.


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ani-gif from 'Retribution Part 1' "Blast! How does he design those awesome vehicles?"

Maelstrom gives detective Carmen Sandiego the slip in "Retribution Part 1".

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ani-gif from 'The Good Old, Bad Old Days' "Planning the ultimate low-tech Western robbery just for the challenge of it is one thing, but Carmen Sandiego would never get caught without an ace up her sleeve."

Carmen escapes in
"The Good Old, Bad Old Days".

Don't know why I did this one... must be the floppy hair

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ani-gif from 'Retribution 2' "I can't believe I'm having my picture taken with the Carmen Sandiego."

After Maelstrom puts Carmen and the detectives into the stock, some tourists take advantage of the situation. Marge takes Carmen Sandiego's hat in "Retribution 2: In Memoriam".

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ani-gif from 'Skull and Double-Crossbones' Pirate Sandiego from "Skull and Double-Crossbones".

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ani-gif from 'Labyrinth 2' "The real Zack and Ivy, whoever they were, were detectives of the decade. They would never have screwed up like this!"

Acme Archive files show the Chief of 2101 that Zack and Ivy really are Acme agents in "Labyrinth Part 2: Woman of the Year 2101".

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